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The Atlas Course


The Atlas Course is a six-month programme aimed at boys in Year 11-13, designed to help male students grow in confidence and self-worth, with a particular focus on wellbeing an healthy masculinity.


The Atlas Course starts with a weekend residential where the group will spend time doing a range of activities including hiking and rowing, and it ends with an overnight hike and graduation ceremony. It explores topics around mental health and teaches the boys how to overcome barriers that prevent them from meeting their full potential.


Dear parents and carers,

Your child has shown interest in taking part in Youthscape’s ‘Atlas’ course. This course runs for six months on Thursday evenings at the Youthscape building between 30th September 2021 and 3rd February 2022 as well as two weekend retreats on 8-10th October 2021 and 11-13th February 2022. You will have received further information in your Parent Pack.

The Atlas Course is designed to help male students grow in confidence, self-worth and self-respect, with a particular focus on mental and emotional wellbeing.

Through taking part in the Atlas Course, students will feel empowered to be confident young people who enjoy school and home life and who can manage and understand their emotions in a healthy way. Our programme involves teaching on topics like anger, relationships, fear, and off-site fun days (e.g. bowling, football), giving young people the opportunity to learn and discuss important topics as well as have fun and build friendships with others on the course.

Due to current Covid-19 government guidelines for youth work all staff and young people will also be required to adhere to certain restrictions throughout the Atlas Course. These are:

  • All staff and young people will need to take a Lateral Flow test every week before attending sessions
  • All staff and young people will need to follow social distancing guidelines
  • All staff and young people will need to follow thorough hygiene procedures

In order for your child to take part in this course we need you to complete the below consent form below. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Reuben Alexander at reuben.alexander@youthscape.co.uk


Young person's details

Parent/carer's details

Young person only:

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