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This Christmas, help a young person know that God is with them, that they are loved and not alone. Our festive badges bring a message of hope - and help support our work across the UK.


Help us help young people

This Christmas we didn’t want to just ask you to give us money but wanted to give something back to you. So, we've created a very practical way for you to bring some hope to young people, to remind them they are not alone.

Why not give a young person a reminder that God is with them this Christmas? For £10 you can buy a bold, enamel 'Emmanuel' badge to give to a young person. Not only will you be giving them a badge but 80% of your purchase will go towards the nation-wide work of Youthscape.

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Why help?

Young people’s mental health is in crisis, and the Church can do something to help.

Rates of self-harm, anxiety and depression have sky-rocketed in the UK. In June 2020 80% of teenagers said the impact of the pandemic, and the measures introduced to manage it, have had a negative impact on their mental health. Over a year later and the effects of the pandemic are being seen and felt amongst young people in our families, churches, and communities.

Youthscape has responded to these needs. We are working with young people directly and we are equipping Christians up and down the UK to do the same.

  • Headstrong is a new mental wellbeing service offering direct support for young people from a Christian foundation. Youth workers, doctors and psychologists have come together to offer trustworthy advice and live help for thousands of young people in the Church and beyond.
  • Alumina offers online therapeutic programmes to help young people stop self-harming.
  • Brave is a suite of more than fifty resources to equip youth leaders in helping young people with their mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Openhouse is a programme in Luton to support young people who are lonely and isolated.

We know that the effects of the pandemic are going to be seen for years to come, especially in our young people. Now more than ever the work of Youthscape is crucial in helping support young people.

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How can I help?

For every badge that you buy, £8 will help enable youth workers to be trained; churches to be supported in providing youth work and young people the space to be listened to and heard in the work that we deliver. It will enable the continued work of our local delivery. And it will also help us to continue reaching young people through Headstrong and develop the support offered online to young people around mental health and faith.

Why not buy all the young people in your youth group a badge, or all the grandchildren in the family one? Or maybe there is one young person who you pray for regularly that you would like to send them a little reminder that they are loved.

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