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Sadly we can't meet at our Bute Mills Drop-in right now, but we're launching Digital Drop-in so that young people in Luton have a safe space to have fun and connect with others online.


We’ve been supporting young people for 25 years, and we’re not about to stop now. Just because we have closed our doors, that doesn’t mean we have stopped caring. We are still here and are ready to offer support in as many ways as we can.

What is Youthscape's Digital Drop-in?

Young people will meet as a group with Youthscape youth workers, and other young people, for up-to one hour using an easy-to-use video calling platform.


Tuesdays (Years 9-11)

Thursdays (Years 10-13)


Each week during our Digital Drop-in sessions we will be providing a space for young people to talk about how they’re doing during this crazy time of change, as well as looking at a relevant topic that is going on within the world in smaller ‘break out’ discussion groups.

The sessions will also involve fun games and challenges that all the young people can take part in. We feel that it's important for our young people to know that our team are still available, and are keen to support them at this time in this new exciting way.

Each Digital Drop-in will start at 4.30pm, and can be accessed by a unique link. This will be sent to each young person once we have received the below completed consent form. This link will then work each week from 4.30pm on the relevant day. Please make sure the details are fully filled in by a parent/carer, otherwise you/your child won’t be able to take part.

A parent/carer's consent is essential, and we will also send over information packs that explain in detail how the service works, how we safeguard young people, and how information is stored.


Click here to get in touch with our Safeguarding Lead.



It is essential that you read and consent to the Terms & Conditions below in order for the young person in your care to able to access Digital Drop-in.

Youthscape’s Digital Drop-in sessions will take place via a video conferencing service called Zoom. As outlined in the Digital Drop-in Parent Information Pack, we want to create a safe space where people treat each other and youth workers with respect. This means that by filling in the form below you and your child agree that they will behave responsibly, will not use foul language, and will follow all the instructions of the Digital Drop-in Leaders during these sessions. If they do not do this they will be asked to leave, and if they do not comply will be removed from the session.


Sign up for digital drop-in


Young person's details:

A Drop-in Leader will send a link to the young person’s email when the session is due to begin. The young person DOES NOT need to create a Zoom account.

Parent/carer's details:

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