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Digital Mentoring Parental Consent


This is the parent/carer's consent form for Youthscape Luton's Digital Mentoring program.


Digital Mentoring

You can read about and refer a young person to Youthscape Luton's Digital Mentoring program here. Below is the follow-up form that grants the relevant parent/carer's permission for a young person to be part the program.

It is essential that you read and consent to the Terms & Conditions below in order for the young person in your care to able to access Digital Mentoring.

Terms & Conditions

Youthscape’s Digital Mentoring sessions will take place via a video conferencing service called Zoom. As outlined in the Digital Mentoring Parent Information Pack, each mentoring session will be recorded for safeguarding reasons and will be stored securely in a password protected folder on a secure Youthscape computer. All recorded conversations are confidential, and will only be viewed on a ‘need to know’ basis if there is a safeguarding concern, or to ensure the quality of the mentoring provided was adequate. The video recordings will be erased one year after the mentoring ceases, however, written notes may be kept up to three years following the mentoring ceasing.


Consent form

Please fill in the relevant information below.


Young person's details:

The youth worker will send a link to the young person’s email when the mentoring session is due to begin. The young person DOES NOT need to create a Zoom account.

Parent/carer's details:

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