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Mindset Reset


We’re starting a forty-day challenge for young people in Luton, designed to help us all look after our mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Anyone else feeling fed up with lockdown?

Being stuck at home, not being able to see friends, limited freedom, and waayyy too much screen time is really taking its toll. We know that the lockdown has been really difficult for lots of people, particularly for our mental and emotional wellbeing, so our new project Mindset Reset is here to get us back on track.

We’ve created a set of cards that will challenge you to do something new each day, and each card will help you take care of your mind and emotions in different ways. The challenge last forty days (that’s about six weeks!) and we are looking for 100 young people across Luton that would like to join us and give it a go.

How it works:

Each day you will pick a new challenge card… and then try to do it! But sometimes you might not feel like doing the card you select, so you can put it back in the deck, and shuffle… until you pull out a card that you’re up for giving a go.

You won’t be alone, there will be 100 others across Luton taking part at the same time, and we (the Youthscape team!) will be right there alongside you, taking on a challenge each day and posting our card and challenge on our Instagram story. If you’re over the age of 13, and want to follow our Mindset Reset journey, follow us on Instagram @youthscape.luton

If you would like to take part, please sign up below! Unfortunately, we only have space for 100 young people to take part initially and will close the sign-up page once these spaces have been filled.


WHO CAN SIGN UP? Anyone in years 7-11 living in Luton who would like some emotional wellbeing support.

DELIVERY: You will receive a FREE pack of shuffle cards in the post, and the team will keep in touch with you via text messages and Instagram messages during the duration of the project.

COST: This project is completely FREE!

STAYING IN TOUCH: The Youthscape team will text you twice a week to see how you are doing, and find out how the challenges have been going. For anyone over the age of 13, we would also like to keep in touch with you over Instagram. We will post Instagram stories each day to inspire and encourage you on your Mindset Reset journey. We would love you to tag us in Instagram stories of you completing your challenges, and take part in the polls and questions on our account throughout the project!

CONSENT: It is essential that a parent or carer read and consent to the Terms & Conditions below in order for you to take part in Youthscape’s Mindset Reset project.


TERMS & CONDITIONS – Information for Parents and Carers

Youthscape’s Mindest Reset project will take place over a four-week period, beginning on Friday 22nd May ending Friday 3rd July. During this time, the Youthscape team will contact each young person via text message twice a week, to encourage them to keep going with the project, and to make sure they are emotionally and mentally well during the course of the programme. If we feel they need additional support, we will offer 1:1 mentoring with a member of our team, or refer them onto services more qualified to offer care and support. Any referral would be made with the young person’s consent and would be confidential, in line with our safeguarding policy. In addition to these messages, the young people over the age of 13 will have to opportunity to follow along with the project on Instagram, and take part with digital interactions through the Youthscape Instagram account. By filling in the form below you and your child agree that they will take part in the Mindset Reset and commit to taking part for the duration of the programme. In addition, you and your child also agree to Youthscape sending regular text messages, and Instagram communication (where the young person is over 13) during the duration of the programme.


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The next two questions are about your emotional wellbeing and mental health, we ask these so that we can make sure you receive the best and most appropriate support.

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