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The National Youth Ministry Weekend isn't just for those in the United Kingdom. If you're a youth worker in mainland Europe or beyond, you are welcome to be part of this amazing event. We want to learn from your experience of youth ministry in different cultures and contexts. That's why we've created some special events to welcome you during the weekend... 

Weekend Programme

Come to our International Reception on the first day of the conference to meet UK and other international delegates, and to hear about how you can make the most of your weekend. If you want one-on-one coaching from our team of experts, we've set aside some of the appointments just for you. Plus there's an International Lunch on Saturday 11th November where we'll be creating a context for you to swap experiences and ideas with UK youth workers.

Travel to the conference

There are two international airports close to the venue: East Midlands and Birmingham. We may be able to help you get from the airport to the conference. Email us your flight times and details and we'll let you know if there's free airport transfer available. If you fly into Luton, we plan to hire a coach on Friday afternoon to take you straight to the venue and Birmingham hotels. Email us to introduce yourself, and we'll give you more information.

As a German I would love to invite our international friends to this amazing impactful youth ministry leaders weekend in the UK! In a time when the peace in Europe is at stake, we as Christian youth ministry leaders need to engage with each other while also learn from the best. Youthscape is one of them. So let´s meet up in the UK and together innovate our youth works who so desperately need engaged leaders who last.
Evi Rodemann, European Youth Ministry Network