Youth work. What a fantastic job.

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You spend time with some amazing young people, get involved with some really fun activities with them and invest in their development personally and spiritually. A great job. Some might even say it’s a privilege. But it’s hard too. Exhausting. Youth work demands a lot and youth workers just keep giving.

We wanted to offer a resource that gives something back. Amongst all the youth work session plans, activity ideas and conferences on offer, is there space for something that invests in the youth worker as a person? We think there is. That’s why we’ve created Open Me.

Open Me is a series of brand new texts that explore the character of Jesus, intended to inspire and encourage youth workers in their own spiritual development. Six writers take one characteristic of Jesus, looking at stories from the bible which show that side of him in action. They’ll draw out the personality, the meaning and the challenge of the way he lived, offering youth workers the space to reflect, pray and act on ways to develop that characteristic more in themselves.

Is an article enough? Words are great. We love them, but there’s much more to Open Me than stuff to read. For the youth worker who loves to discuss and chew over the questions, there’ll be a space online to continue the conversation.

On top of that, each week's Open Me text comes with an extra surprise element. It might be an encouraging postcard which arrives on the doormat courtesy of the postman, or perhaps a text message at an unexpected moment with a reminder of the challenge of the week. Another week there’ll be the opportunity to apply some creative prayer methods to the theme, an exclusive track produced just for Open Me subscribers or a video which takes the topic even deeper.

We believe that the best way to invest in good youth work is to invest in good youth workers. That’s you. Sign up for Open Me. Develop your character.