SAVE THE DATE – We would love you to come and join us for our Open Day and Supporter’s Cream Tea on Saturday 1st July 2-4pm.

A very happy and blessed Easter to you if you are reading this in Holy Week, ahead of the Easter weekend and celebrations.

Our team will be taking a short break over the Easter weekend, and getting some rest ahead of the summer term.

And we're going to need to be full of energy because there's a lot planned! In Luton we'll be in schools across the town delivering support for students who are struggling with their behaviour or mental health.

The drop in at Bute Mills will be busy and we're starting a new, after-school football project too.

Our resources team are launching a brand new anti-racism resource to help youth groups tackle this important issue and link it clearly to Christian faith.

And to top it all, we'll be working hard to organise Satellites, our summer event for church youth groups.

This will be the second year of the festival, which takes place early in the summer holidays. More than 3,000 teenagers are expected for an amazing week of worship, teaching and fun. And in all of this, we pray that young people find hope and value, that churches are renewed in their welcome and care for young people, and that Youthscape's work makes a lasting difference in the lives of thousands of teenagers.

Thank you for sharing in those prayers.


1st (Sat)

Please pray for our Research team - as they conduct a survey exploring young people's reactions to the gospel.

2nd (Sun)

Please pray for our fundraising efforts as we seek people & trusts who might want to financially support Satellites.

3rd (Mon)

Pray for young people whose lives are challenging, & who live in difficult home situations, especially during the school holidays when they may be spending much more time in those environments.

4th (Tue)

Alumina's waiting list is very long, & we are still getting so many referrals from young people who are struggling to find the help they need. Pray for more Alumina volunteers to support these young people.

5th (Wed)

Pray for young people & families who are struggling financially at this time, & have no access to free school meals over the Easter holidays.

6th (Thu)

Pray for school staff, that they will be able to enjoy a break & time with their friends & families over the Easter holidays.

7th (Fri)

The Trussell Trust have highlighted that 86% of households receiving social security, are being referred to food banks. Pray for food banks on the front line, trying to supply the things people need at this time.

8th (Sat)

Pray for the Youthscape team - that they can enjoy a break over Easter, & that they’ll feel relaxed & refreshed as they return for the Summer term in April.

9th (Sun)

Thank God for what He’s done through Jesus, as we remember Him this Easter time. That He loved the world so much that He gave His one and only Son, so we can be called children of God.

10th (Mon)

Pray for young people accessing Alumina. So many are carrying such big emotions & difficult stories. Pray that we are able to support them, & that they are able to access help closer to home as well.

11th (Tue)

Pray for Gemma Madle, who has recently joined our Research team, as she settles in to her new role, & writes a report on how the pandemic has impacted young people.

12th (Wed)

Please pray for churches organising travel, tents and food for Satellites - especially as the cost of living continues to increase.

13th (Thu)

We have a Pizza Party for all the members of the Drop In community at Bute Mills today. Pray that we’ll see some familiar faces & some new ones, & that it will be a great time of connection.

14th (Fri)

Please pray for the sale of Satellites ticket. Ideally, we need over 3000 to attend to make the event financially viable.

15th (Sat)

Jemimah & Jenny C are currently on maternity leave. Pray for them in this new phase of life, that they will be able to enjoy spending time at home with their new families.

16th (Sun)

Shelter's statistics show that around 123,000 children & young people are homeless at this time. Pray that they will be able to find the support they need to help them out of these desperate situations.

17th (Mon)

Emily is joining our local team today. Pray that she will enjoy her first day & quickly feel at home in the team, & in her new role.

18th (Tue)

Please pray for Tabi, pulling together the speakers and programme for Satellites, that God would draw her to the right people.

19th (Wed)

Pray for the Youthscape team who head off to Pleshey on retreat today, to pray & prepare for the new term.

20th (Thu)

While we are away on retreat, today & tomorrow, pray that God would inspire & speak to us, as we spend time together praying, worshipping & listening to Him.

21st (Fri)

Pray for Luton Unite One, taking place this evening at Bute Mills. Pray that young people would learn more about faith in this discipleship group.

22nd (Sat)

Please pray for our local team: Gemma, David, Robert, Beki & Emily. That they would know God’s presence in their work with young people, with youth workers & in local schools.

23rd (Sun)

Pray for Alex, Charles & Gillian, as they run Youthscape Essentials. Working with youth leaders & volunteers, with the overall aim of seeing young people grow in their relationship with God as a result of this work.

24th (Mon)

Pray for the new Satellites team working on our events, that they will quickly gel together ahead of a busy summer.

25th (Tue)

A new Compass group starts today. Pray for Beki, Dave & the team leading these sessions, & for the young people - that Compass would be a really positive experience for them this term.

26th (Wed)

Pray that our team of volunteers for Satellites this summer will grow, so we have enough staff to run the event well.

27th (Thu)

A new Youthscape Essentials course starts today. Pray the new cohort will be equipped over this course, so they feel more knowledgeable, with a deeper sense of faith, & are envisioned about youth work.

28th (Fri)

Pray for the young people who come to Drop In, that they will enjoy being part of this community, that it will be a place where they feel safe & supported.

29th (Sat)

Pray for young people revising & preparing for their GCSEs, A Levels etc. Especially for those who feel unprepared or nervous about sitting exams.

30th (Sun)

Pray that God would provide healing & restoration for young people who have experienced trauma & hardship in their lives.

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