This month, our Satellites festival is running from the 4th - 8th August!

A year in the planning, we are expecting more than 2,000 young people to come together and camp at the Bath and West Showground.

The Youthscape team and more than 200 volunteers will be making it all happen. Lots of fun, of course, and space to explore Christian faith through discussions, workshops and the main sessions.

Your prayers would mean a great deal to us, as we seek to make a safe and welcoming space for young people - some of whom will be away from home for the first time!

I'm especially looking forward to the space I'll be running at Satellites - a little bolt-hole for youth leaders - to come and get some rest and refreshment.

Let's pray that it will be a significant time for those who are there. And pray also for the team - who'll likely be taking a well-earned holiday in the remaining weeks of August. Some quieter days will be most welcome!!

Thank you so much for all your support, we really appreciate it!

Chris, & the Youthscape Team


1st (Tue)

For families spending so much time together over the summer. Pray for protection over relationships, & pray that they would be able to find moments of joy together.

2nd (Wed)

For all the last minute preparations for Satellites - pray that things will run smoothly, & that any last minute issues will be solved easily.

3rd (Thu)

Pray for the health of the Satellites team, wider Youthscape team, & all the wonderful volunteers, as we prepare for the festival. And for God’s protection over our health during the festival.

4th (Fri)

Pray that everything will run smoothly as the delegates arrive today. And that there will be a friendly & fun atmosphere - so they'll feel welcome right from the start!

5th (Sat)

Pray for the local young people who are attending Satellites with the Youthscape local team & Luton Unite team. That they would enjoy their time away, & learn more about the Christian faith.

6th (Sun)

Pray for Youthscape Central - an exclusive cafe space, at Satellites, that is specifically there to feed and grow youth leaders.

7th (Mon)

Please pray for the young people who become Christians this week, especially as they head home tomorrow, back to normal life.

8th (Tue)

Pray for safe journeys for the youth groups & young people as they head home later today. And pray for the team as they pack everything down at the end of the festival.

9th (Wed)

Pray for families who depend on free school meals to ensure sure their children have enough to eat, especially with all the additional financial pressures of the summer break.

10th (Thu)

Pray for school staff, that the summer holidays would be a positive time of rest & relaxation for them.

11th (Fri)

Pray for the Youthscape team, each taking some time off over the summer holidays, that we would have a restful break ahead of the autumn term.

12th (Sat)

For some young people - school is a more positive environment than home. Pray for young people who miss their routine & the safe space that school provides for them during the holidays.

13th (Sun)

Pray that young people experiencing suicidal thoughts would feel able to reach out for help. And pray that they would find positive support to get them through these difficult times.

14th (Mon)

Many young people are making decisions about further education, jobs etc. Please pray for wisdom & support for them as they look to the future.

15th (Tue)

Pray that new opportunities will arise over the next academic year for Youthscape to serve young people, schools, youth workers & churches.

16th (Wed)

Thank God for the youth workers & professionals who work with young people; for their dedication & for the ways they support those in their care.

17th (Thu)

A Level results are due out today. Pray for young people starting university this autumn; especially for those who's results will mean they need to go through clearing or retake exams.

18th (Fri)

Pray for those in the Youthscape team who are working over the summer. For energy & enthusiasm in their work, & for inspiration as they plan for the academic year ahead.

19th (Sat)

Pray for young people who are struggling with their mental health, to be able to find professional support when they need it.

20th (Sun)

Pray for young people experiencing racism, that they would know the support of people around them, & that these issues would be addressed positively in communities locally, nationally and globally.

21st (Mon)

Pray for Alex, Charles & Gillian, as they plan the new Youthscape Essentials course in autumn. And that they would be able to reach out to those who will benefit from the course.

22nd (Tue)

Pray for Robson & the Alumina team; as they plan the future of Alumina. That it will go well & they would figure out the best next steps!

23rd (Wed)

Please pray for more volunteers to come forward in our local churches, (to help with youth ministry & support for the young people in their congregations).

24th (Thu)

Pray for young people receiving their GCSE results today, as they prepare for college, further education & apprenticeships.

25th (Fri)

Pray for inspiration & creativity for Chris & the team, as they look for new sources of income & fundraising ideas for Youthscape.

26th (Sat)

Please pray for the Research team, as they seek to recruit for a new Director.

27th (Sun)

Pray for hope to flood young people’s lives, & meet them wherever they are.

28th (Mon)

The Research team are planning & exploring opportunities for research into the impacts of Alumina, as well as the wider value of internet-based, mental health interventions for young people.

29th (Tue)

Pray for young people who are transitioning from Year 6 to Year 7 (primary to high school), Year 11 to Year 12 (high school to college), & Year 13 leaving education or going on to university.

30th (Wed)

Pray for the Youthscape team; as we return to the office as a full team next week, & as we plan for the term ahead, as well as for the NYMW 2023 'Into God Knows What'.

31st (Thu)

Pray for young people in Luton who are struggling with anxiety and who are especially worried about returning to school, or starting at a new one this term.

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