All of us at Youthscape wish you and your family a very happy Christmas - whatever the challenges and the pressures in this COVID-19 world we find ourselves in.

We're so grateful for your support and prayers each month - and more importantly, your prayers for the young people in our churches and communities.

One of the things that often strikes me, reading through the Bible, is how often God has used young people to speak up and speak out, and to be part of his plan. From a youthful David, to the prophet Jeremiah and, of course, Mary, the mother of Jesus. The disciples are thought to have been little more than teenagers - though, of course, that word didn't quite exist back then!

It reminds me that our role isn't just to protect and support young people, but to listen to them and learn from them. Their view of the world, fresh insights, and their ability to see beyond our assumptions, is something this world and the church badly needs. No wonder part of our work at Youthscape is to give young people a bigger and clearer voice into the world.

A new weekly programme we're launching in January - to train church youth work volunteers - starts each evening by listening to young people's stories and views. Good youth work often means we are learning from young people as much as they learn from us.

Thank you for your support and a have very blessed Christmas.


1st (Tue)

Pray for the health & wellbeing of teachers and staff in our local schools. Working long hours, in the current, constantly changing educational environment.

2nd (Wed)

Church leaders & youth workers are supporting their congregations, young people & those in their communities. Pray that they would know God’s wisdom, inspiration & peace as they serve.

3rd (Thu)

Please pray for Martin, who is speaking online, (via Zoom), to a gathering of youth leaders in Perth, Australia. Pray that the technology will work consistently & that it will go well.

4th (Fri)

So many families are struggling financially this year. Pray that they’d be able to access help & support; to ease the economic burdens they are facing & provide practically for their needs, especially at this time of year.

5th (Sat)

Our Centre for Research team have completed a research project on the youth work in St Albans Diocese. Pray for the diocesan team who are working out how to use the findings positively & to the best effect.

6th (Sun)

Pray for health, stamina, & practical & emotional support for key workers & their families. They have served, & continue to serve their communities so faithfully & consistently.

7th (Mon)

We work with young people who’s parents are nurses & doctors, so this season has been stressful for them, especially where both parents do shift work. Please pray for them at this difficult time.

8th (Tue)

All our work requires ongoing fundraising. Please pray for our funding applications - that they would be met with positive responses. And for Esther, who is our new fundraiser.

9th (Wed)

Our local team are going in to fewer schools than planned because of lockdown. Pray that they continue to have a positive input into the lives of the young people they work with, with as little disruption as possible.

10th (Thu)

For youth workers who are currently feeling overwhelmed & trying to find creative ways to continue to support young people. Pray that they would know God’s presence & peace with them.

11th (Fri)

Pray for charities & organisations across Luton who support and serve young people & their families, & for Youthscape’s partnership with them.

12th (Sat)

Many young people are struggling with their studies at the moment, & are behind because of having to do remote learning during lockdown. Pray for them as they are feeling under a lot of stress and pressure.

13th (Sun)

Thank God for our Research team. For the diversity of the work they do, & the difference that their research makes to our understanding of young people & to youth work in the UK & around the world.

14th (Mon)

Please pray for our Innovation team today, as they work on a new resource that will help young people think about what faith says about caring for the environment.

15th (Tue)

Youthwork Essentials, our course to encourage & equip church youth workers, now needs to move online. Pray for Lillie, as she adapts the course content ahead of the pilot in January 2021.

16th (Wed)

Please pray that the ‘We Are Satellites’ book, written by Martin, will be helpful for Christian young people, & also help others who are exploring faith for the first time.

17th (Thu)

Thank God for all the volunteers serving young people in churches & in their communities. Pray that they will be a real blessing to those they serve, especially at Christmas time.

18th (Fri)

Just 2% of young people engage in church. So it’s vital we help churches develop their youth work tools. Pray that Youthscape Essentials will develop the most helpful course content & reach the right people.

19th (Sat)

Please pray for Nicki, Karen & Alex. For Nicki as she manages our resource sales & general admin, & for Karen & Alex, as they organise Youthscape’s finances during this difficult time.

20th (Sun)

Pray for young carers, that they will be able to find the support they need as they care for vulnerable family members. Pray too - that they won’t feel isolated over the Christmas holidays.

21st (Mon)

Pray for vulnerable young people, families living in poverty & for those with abusive or chaotic family relationships. That they would be able to find the support & help they need to stay safe.

22nd (Tue)

Pray for school staff, that they would be able to rest & enjoy time with their families over the Christmas break. So they can go back to work feeling refreshed in the new year.

23rd (Wed)

Please pray for young people who are grieving the loss of family members & friends. Many of whom will be feeling it even more poignantly at this time of year.

24th (Thu)

Many families find school holidays difficult. Those who are struggling emotionally, those with strained relationships & family breakdown, with addictions, abuse & violence. Pray for protection and peace.

25th (Fri)

Praise God for the birth & life of Jesus, & for the chance we have to celebrate that at Christmas. Thank God for the difference he makes to our lives.

26th (Sat)

The Alumina team run an online Drop In on Boxing Day & New Year’s Eve. Pray that these sessions would be really helpful to young people who are particularly struggling at this time.

27th (Sun)

Please pray for the team planning the Satellites youth event; for wisdom in creating an event which young people will love & that will help them grow in their faith.

28th (Mon)

Please pray that God will be at the centre of all our work; as we work with young people, youth workers & in partnership with churches & organisations in Luton & beyond.

29th (Tue)

Pray for the Youthscape team, that they would enjoy a break over Christmas & New Year. And that they would feel relaxed & refreshed as they return for the Spring term in January.

30th (Wed)

Thank God for our amazing volunteers & the contribution they make to all areas of our work. We could not do everything we do without them.

31st (Thu)

Pray for the Alumina online Drop In session today, that young people who are struggling with difficult family situations & eating disorders will find this really helpful.

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