Will you pray with us every day through February for young people in Luton and across the UK? It's something can all do to make a difference and show that we care.

Young people are amazing. I don’t think I’d still be doing youth work if that wasn’t the case. They really are. They see the world differently. They challenge our assumptions. They engage with the world’s problems. Much more than I did at their age. I’m constantly inspired by the young people I meet. We need more of them in the church for sure.

Even for young people we meet who are struggling with big issues, that same amazing capacity is there, not always realised, but still there nonetheless. So, as you pray this month, we're not just praying for young people to have help where they need it, but also for all of us to pay greater attention to what they have to say and contribute to our world.

You're part of Youthscape mission by joining us in prayer, and I'm so glad to have you alongside us through this month. Let's pray together every day.



1st (Sat)

Pray for young people experiencing bullying, that they would find support to help them find positive resolutions to their situations.

2nd (Sun)

Relationships Toolkit, our new project working with local young people, starts on 4th February. Young people will be looking at how to build healthy and positive relationships.

3rd (Mon)

Please pray for the team planning both Youth Work Sunday 2020 and how grow it as a national initiative across churches in the UK. Encouraging churches in their work with young people.

4th (Tue)

Pray for Chris and the Leadership Team at Youthscape - Martin, Lucie, Jemimah and Karen - meeting together today. For clear strategies and good decisions that will make a greater impact for young people.

5th (Wed)

Many young people are making decisions about further education jobs etc. Please pray for wisdom and support for them as they look to the future.

6th (Thu)

Fearless starts today. For girls in years 8/9, the programme aims to empower them to know their worth and be able to understand others better through various activities and quality time spent at a residential.

7th (Fri)

Pray for the team going into local schools, as they lead groups and mentor young people. That the young peoples' lives will be positively changed.

8th (Sat)

Please pray that young people struggling with self-harm, both in Luton and across the UK, would continue to be helped either online (Alumina), or directly in Luton.

9th (Sun)

Rob and Connie are our 2 collaborative workers, (Rob at St John's and Connie at Olive Tree). Pray for them in their work with the young people at church and in their roles at Youthscape.

10th (Mon)

Pray for the Innovation team as they launch the Youthscape Centre for Innovation in London today, which will help churches to think more creatively about their work with young people.

11th (Tue)

Cardinal Newman Retreat Days are taking place at Youthscape this term. 300 young people will be taking part, pray that they will be inspired and challenged by what they hear and learn.

12th (Wed)

Please pray for Matt, Robert & David, as they lead the Cardinal Newman Retreat days this term. For energy, wisdom and patience.

13th (Thu)

For young people who have difficult home lives. Pray that they will be safe and find support and positive friendships through the difficulties they face.

14th (Fri)

Thank God for the funding we have received for various areas of our work.

15th (Sat)

Pray for young people as they are off school for half-term this coming week, especially those who have a difficult time at home when schools are closed.

16th (Sun)

‘Share’ takes place at Youthscape this week. It's a residential course for young people, aged 15-19, who want to learn to express and share their faith on YouTube. Pray that they will be inspired by all they learn.

17th (Mon)

Please pray for young people as they make new friendships and learn new skills at OpenHouse this term.

18th (Tue)

Our new project 'Relationships Toolkit' starts this month. Pray for Connie & Vicki as they work with young people looking at building healthy relationships.

19th (Wed)

Pray for teachers and staff in our local schools, often working long hours, with a lot expected of them.

20th (Thu)

Pray for the Youthscape team leading training sessions around the UK this month, that the training would be informative and inspiring to those attending.

21st (Fri)

Please pray for Martin today, he is speaking to youth leaders and young people at the One Life conference in Chorleywood today.

22nd (Sat)

Many Christian youth workers around the UK are struggling with increasingly unrealistic workloads. Please pray that they would find prayer and support.

23rd (Sun)

Pray for the team preparing for our Annual Lecture on 2nd March at St Mellitus. Our theme is ‘A Theology for the Rebellion’. (Asking God - how do we bring the gospel to bear in this new unprecedented era?)

24th (Mon)

Young people eat with the team at Drop In Dinner on Wednesday evenings. Pray that this would be a positive, safe community for them.

25th (Tue)

Please pray for our Admin/Finance team, as they oversee the daily running of the office, supporting the work of the wider team.

26th (Wed)

Youth workers and professionals from around the UK and Europe use our resources in their work with young people. Pray that they would be a real blessing to the work they do.

27th (Thu)

Please pray for wisdom, health and strength for the team. It’s an exciting but busy place to work. Pray that we would be a blessing to each other in all aspects of our work.

28th (Fri)

We are so grateful for our amazing volunteers, who make a big difference to the work we are able to do. Please pray for them as they work with us and local young people.

29th (Sat)

Pray for young people preparing for their exams. That they would be able to revise well and find support when they are feeling overwhelmed.

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