A happy new year to you! Welcome to the first of our monthly prayer emails from Youthscape for 2020. This is seems like a good moment for me to say thank you for caring about young people and praying with us for them.

Over the next month we'll be alongside young people in local schools, churches, out in the community and, of course, at Bute Mills. The kitchen will be packed full of young people each day after school where they help us make snacks and meals - all part of the way we create a warm welcome for young people here at Bute Mills. We'll also be busy training youth workers across the country and supporting them with resources and fresh ideas for the church to renew its work with young people. There's lots to do!

You're part of that mission by joining us in prayer, and I'm so glad to have you alongside us through this month. Let's pray!



January 2020

1st (Wed)

A brand new year and so much to do! Please pray for the increased impact of our ministry in 2020!

2nd (Thu)

Pray for Chris Curtis, Youthscape's CEO, as he leads the charity and supports the team in their work with young people.

3rd (Fri)

Pray for those young people in Luton who are starting the year facing difficult challenges at home, school or in other ways - that we may help them this year.

4th (Sat)

Pray for those young people in Luton who are struggling with anxiety, and who are especially worried about returning to school next week.

5th (Sun)

Pray for Christian young people in Luton, that they will grow in their faith and confidence this coming year.

6th (Mon)

Pray for Hannah Burley, moving from Scotland and starting a new job with Youthscape today as part of our innovation team.

7th (Tue)

Pray for a reduction in knife violence in Luton, and for Youthscape's developing work in this area.

8th (Wed)

Pray for the Youthscape team who head off to Pleshey on retreat today to pray and prepare for the new term.

9th (Thu)

Pray for young people who self-harm - more than 1 in 5 across the UK - to find safer and better ways of coping with overwhelming feelings.

10th (Fri)

Pray for Youthscape's work with young people who are lonely and isolated - for the new group for them starting this term.

11th (Sat)

Pray for charities and organisations across Luton who support and serve young people, and for Youthscape's partnership with them.

12th (Sun)

Pray for more young people to attend our after school Drop In sessions this term.

13th (Mon)

Pray for the local team, as they go back into schools this week and plan for the term ahead, meeting some familiar faces and some new ones.

14th (Tue)

Pray for young people being bullied, at school or online, that they would find positive support and help.

15th (Wed)

Pray that our Open House research, exploring the link between youth loneliness and social action, would influence the wider youth ministry community.

16th (Thu)

Pray for our Board of Trustees, especially Matt Summerfield, our new Chair who leads his first Board meeting this month.

17th (Fri)

Pray for young people attending our Football Project, that as they play together, the group helps them develop their character and build healthy relationships.

18th (Sat)

Thank God for our amazing volunteers and the contribution they make to all areas of our work.

19th (Sun)

Pray for our fundraising team, as they continue to raise money for the ongoing work of Youthscape.

20th (Mon)

Pray for positive relationships to grow with the new young people we meet this term. That the work they do with us would make a lasting change to their lives.

21st (Tue)

Pray for the Innovation team, looking at the potential for new resources that will support young people with additional needs.

22nd (Wed)

Pray for Rob, David and Matt, leading the first Cardinal Newman Retreat day today at Youthscape. The young people will be exploring their relationships with the world, each other and with God.

23rd (Thu)

Pray for young carers, as they try to balance their role alongside school work and trying to spend time with friends.

24th (Fri)

Today we are gathering schools work leaders from across the UK, to connect and think about the future of schools work. Please pray that God would inspire and lead us all as we meet.

25th (Sat)

Pray that through our mentoring or group work programmes, young people would find positive strategies to help them deal with their anger.

26th (Sun)

Pray for young people in care across Luton, that they would find support through Youthscape and other local youth organisations.

27th (Mon)

Pray for our newly formed Media team, as they meet together for the first time today to discuss multimedia projects for 2020.

28th (Tue)

Pray for our team leading assemblies in Chalk Hills Academy, encouraging young people to think about the issues around knife crime and youth violence.

29th (Wed)

Pray for young people taking part in the online Alumina groups. That they would receive the support they need to help them overcome their struggles with self-harm.

30th (Thu)

Pray for the Youthscape team; for wisdom, vision and energy. That we would be supportive of each other in all areas of our work.

31st (Fri)

Pray for the Luton Unite event tonight. (A monthly worship and social event seeking to help young people in Luton connect with each other and with God.)

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