A very happy 2023 from all the team at Youthscape! And before we head into the new year, can I just say thank you to you for supporting our ministry with young people. I know lots of you were praying for us at the end of November, for our weekend conference for youth workers, held in Birmingham - and I wanted to let you know just what a fantastic success it was. We had a thousand people together at the Eastside Rooms conference centre, for three days of teaching, worship and inspiration... AND IT WAS GREAT!

Here’s what one youth worker wrote in an email, which we received just after we arrived back in Luton from the weekend:

‘I hope you aren’t reading this email till at least a week after the conference, but I wanted to encourage you and everyone who put together the weekend. Firstly, let me re-iterate, if last year was the best ever, this year knocked it out of the park... Amongst all the challenges of the past few years and the sense that youth workers are leaving ministry or the sense that the church is declining, you are an encouragement that it is possible to last in this line of work. Youthscape represents a stand for young people that has longevity, that has vision, that invests in research and clear thinking, and never forgets the practical alongside the theory. May God honour the whole team for their commitment and authenticity.’

It’s so encouraging to hear this and so many other comments from Christians up and down the country who are being inspired and equipped by Youthscape’s work, especially through the NYMW. With small numbers in many churches, volunteer youth workers are often up against lots of challenges and a weekend together with so many others makes all the difference. So, thank you for supporting & praying for us, as we equip the church to welcome young people and help them develop a lifelong Christian faith.

And that takes us to 2023 - we have so much planned for this year. We can’t wait to tell you about it. Look out for our newsletter in the New Year.


1st (Sun)

Please pray for the increased impact of our ministry in 2023. As we work with young people, youth & church leaders, & other professionals this year.

2nd (Mon)

Pray that God would breathe freshness into everything we do with young people. And that He would give us new ideas & inspiration; that He’d clearly lead us this year.

3rd (Tue)

Pray for those young people in Luton who are struggling with anxiety, and who are especially worried about returning to school next week.

4th (Wed)

Pray for the Youthscape team who head off to Pleshey on retreat today, to pray & prepare for the new term.

5th (Thu)

While we are away on retreat, pray that God would inspire & speak to us, as we spend time together praying, worshipping & listening to Him.

6th (Fri)

Young people from Youthscape & local churches are joining together tonight for this month’s Luton Unite event. Pray for that it would be a fun & safe event for everyone.

7th (Sat)

Pray for Chris Curtis, Youthscape's CEO, as he leads the charity and supports the team in their work with young people.

8th (Sun)

Pray for those young people in Luton who are starting the year facing difficult challenges at home, school or in other ways - that we may help them this year.

9th (Mon)

Pray for young people who have taken part in previous Fearless & Compass groups; to stay connected to Youthscape through Drop In & through other Youthscape activities.

10th (Tue)

Pray for positive relationships to grow with the new young people we meet this term. That the work they do with us would make lasting, positive changes to their lives.

11th (Wed)

Thank God for all the youth workers, volunteers & other professionals, across the UK, working with young people. For their dedication & the ways they are finding to support those in their care.

12th (Thu)

Pray for young people’s mental health during January. It can be such a dreary time of year, with the cold weather, Christmas being over & the shorter days.

13th (Fri)

Over the last couple of years, the number of young people experiencing mental health disorders has risen substantially. Pray they’ll be able to find support, to minimise the long-term effects on their mental health.

14th (Sat)

Please pray for the Alumina groups. For wisdom for the team leading the groups, & that the young people will feel comfortable & safe in their online groups.

15th (Sun)

Pray for teachers & staff in our local schools; working long hours, with so much expected of them.

16th (Mon)

Drop in takes place, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, after school. Pray that this would be a positive, safe community for local young people.

17th (Tue)

For the Alumina team. Pray for wisdom, energy & ongoing support for them as a team, as they work with young people facing very difficult situations.

18th (Wed)

The Fearless and Compass courses are starting again this term. Please pray for the team running the courses, for God’s help & inspiration in their work.

19th (Thu)

Many young people are struggling with their mental health, but finding it hard to access help. Pray that positive steps would be made to address this, & for Youthscape to be able to support them where we can.

20th (Fri)

Pray for the Youthscape Discipleship group (called Youthscape: One). It's for young people who attend Youthscape Drop In & Luton Unite. Pray for the team, & the young people involved.

21st (Sat)

Child poverty affects more than 46% of young people in Luton. Pray that families would be able to access practical and financial help & support; to ease the burdens they are facing.

22nd (Sun)

Pray that, whatever our role at Youthscape, we’re able to communicate something of our faith through our words & actions to those we come into contact with.

23rd (Mon)

Alumina is accessed by young people who self-harm. Pray for the team leading the groups, & for the young people joining us online.

24th (Tue)

For God to inspire creativity & innovation when it comes to fundraising - that we will find potential new streams of income for Youthscape.

25th (Wed)

Pray for young people who have come to the UK as refugees.

And for our local team, as they seek to find ways to serve young refugees in our town well.

26th (Thu)

Pray for vulnerable young people & for those with abusive or chaotic family relationships. That they would not remain ‘invisible’, but be able to find the support & help they need to stay safe.

27th (Fri)

Pray for young people who are worried about climate change. That they would find positive ways to make an impact in campaigning & making changes that have a lasting affect.

28th (Sat)

Pray for inspiration, wisdom & energy for Jemimah & Gemma, as they manage the work of the local team.

29th (Sun)

Pray that our new 'Talking About Life' discussion cards help young people to open up in conversation with youth leaders, parents & teachers.

30th (Mon)

Please pray for wisdom, health and strength for the team. It’s an exciting but busy place to work. Pray that we would be a blessing to each other in all aspects of our work.

31st (Tue)

Digital poverty means the most vulnerable young people aren’t able to use the technology that is often required for school work. Pray that opportunities to access equipment would be made available to them.

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