A huge thank you to all of you who have been praying and supporting Satellites, our big summer festival.

It’s now only a few weeks until we welcome over three thousand young people to the Bath and West Showground - for the third Satellites event - Signal Fire. (An event designed to inspire young people to live with God at the centre of their lives all year round.)

All the Youthscape team will be there; some helping to run the event, and the local team will be looking after the huge group of young people, (that they’ve worked with this year), who are coming.

Some young people attending will be committed Christians, many others curious agnostics. Alongside the sports, games, fun and ice cream, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore Christian faith. So much potential!

So, please pray for the coming few weeks, as we complete our preparations, and for the event itself.

There will be more details next month. Thank you for your prayers!


1st (Mon)

Please pray that lots more volunteers will sign up to the various Satellites teams in the next few weeks, so that we’re able to run Satellites safely & well.

2nd (Tue)

Thank God for the funds raised by the Sponsor a Camper scheme. Pray that it will provide support for many local young people to attend Satellites.

3rd (Wed)

Pray for Robert, as he applies for his 'indefinite leave to remain' UK visa, (to continue to work at Youthscape). Pray that it would be dealt with promptly, & that there would be no issues with the application.

4th (Thu)

We are recruiting youth groups to take part in the Translating God Reading Resource research? Pray for diversity, & that young people & youth workers will be blessed by taking part.

5th (Fri)

Pray for the local team, with their last football project match of the term. Pray for good weather, for the young people from Chiltern Academy & Challney Boys taking part, & that there will be no injuries.

6th (Sat)

Pray for God’s peace, wisdom & for energy for the Satellites team; as they prepare for the festival. And for all the youth leaders preparing to bring their young people to Satellites.

7th (Sun)

Please pray for youth leaders across the UK - as they make last minute invitations to young people to come to Satellites, especially to those who have not been before.

8th (Mon)

Please pray for our fundraising efforts, as we seek people & trusts who might want to financially support Satellites.

9th (Tue)

Pray for Gemma (Madle) & Hannah (Bowden), our research team, as they are planning two new external research projects, with a focus on listening to young people. Both with a view to engaging young people to develop their faith.

10th (Wed)

Pray for the Luton Unite worship band - comprising of local young people, as they work together, that this group will go from strength to strength.

11th (Thu)

Pray for Laura, (our resources manager), as she begins maternity leave. Pray she’ll be able to enjoy a time of rest, & for everything to go smoothly as Laura, John & Judah, welcome their new addition.

12th (Fri)

Many of our most experienced young people are leaving this term. Pray they enjoy their final week with us, & that we’re able to end things well. Pray too, that they find long term homes in Christian communities.

13th (Sat)

Pray that God would provide healing & restoration for young people who have experienced trauma, abuse & hardship in their lives.

14th (Sun)

Pray for our annual supporters event, (an Afternoon Tea), taking place this afternoon. That lots of people will be able to attend, have fun, & hear about the work we are doing.

15th (Mon)

Pray for Gillian, Charles, Alex, Alice & Chris; as they plan for Satellites. Including how their venue can best support & serve the youth workers & volunteers bringing young people to the festival.

16th (Tue)

Pray for our Satellites team, Martin, Karen, Molly & Robbie - during the incredibly intense & often stressful build up to Satellites, as they sort out hundreds of last minute details for the festival.

17th (Wed)

Pray for the young people in our Alumina groups, especially those who are really struggling right now. May they access the right support & be able to reach out for help.

18th (Thu)

It's the Bute Mills graduation celebration today, for those young people, (aged 18), who have been with us for a long time, & who will be moving on to university etc. Pray that it would be a positive ending for them all.

19th (Fri)

The final Luton Unite One of this term is taking place this evening at Bute Mills. Pray for the young people exploring faith together this evening, many of whom will be coming to Satellites.

20th (Sat)

Pray for the churches who, (having taken part in the Launchpad training), are now engaging with young people in their local communities.

21st (Sun)

Please pray for the final Alumina groups of the school term; that the young people in these groups thrive, & are held in the protection & peace of God.

22nd (Mon)

Our local team are running a Summer Fun Week this week. A week of trips & activities for young people they have worked with this year. Pray for the team, for energy, resilience, & inspiration as they lead the week.

23rd (Tue)

Please pray for the young people attending the Summer Fun Week; for their health, for safety, & that they would really enjoy the activities & their time together.

24th (Wed)

Pray for the Headstrong team, as they continue working until the end of July, whilst also preparing for Satellites.

25th (Thu)

Pray for both the team leading the Summer Fun Week & the young people involved - that they would have a wonderful last couple of days together today & tomorrow.

26th (Fri)

There are many families for whom the summer holidays are difficult. Please pray for those who are struggling to cope - for protection and peace.

27th (Sat)

Pray for God's peace, wisdom & for energy for the Satellites team; in their final preparation for the festival. And for all the youth leaders preparing to bring their young people to Satellites.

28th (Sun)

Pray for the different speakers, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, coming to Satellites. Pray for them as they prepare to address the young people, that God would inspire them with insightful & relevant words to share.

29th (Mon)

Please pray for Ellie Limebear & the worship team, as they prepare to lead us in sung worship at Satellites. And pray for young people still deciding whether or not to come to the festival.

30th (Tue)

Pray for God's protection over the whole team working at Satellites. And pray for good weather, & for safety for everyone attending the event.

31st (Wed)

Pray for Charles, who is planning the work for Satellites Kids: that this would excite the next generation of young people about prayer & building a relationship with God.

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