It’s Monday morning and the Youthscape team are crammed together into a single room to meet and pray…

We’re online of course, in a virtual Zoom room. It’s the new normal for us like so many others. Hardly the same as being together at Bute Mills, but at least still a chance to see everyone’s face, swap stories and pray together. For the foreseeable future, it’s how we’ll have to do it.

The conversation is urgent and excited. We move from topic to topic. Requests for help for Luton families are through the roof. Take up of ‘Cook with Youthscape’ is six times what we expected. Our online sessions for young people who self-harm are busier than ever, running five nights a week. We’re helping more young people than ever. The team adapt to each new challenge and make sure we respond to every plea for help.

One of the team gives an update on Showcase, a vibrant new resource to help churches engage young people’s creativity in lockdown. We’re not running any training or conferences for youth workers right now, but that hasn’t stopped the team from finding imaginative new ways to help church youth workers across the UK. It would normally take months to develop a new resource, but ‘Showcase’ has been written and developed in a matter of weeks. The team talk everyone through what they’ve done. We pray together that the resource will help hundreds of churches in the days to come.

And it’s over. We click to end the meeting and head off to the different tasks of the day. Nothing is normal at the moment, but the ministry and work of Youthscape feels more needed than ever…



1st (Mon)

Please pray for Martin & Robbie, Natalie & Katie as they launch the Satellites 2021 event.
(Natalie & Katie are joining the team today.)

2nd (Tue)

Alumina has more applicants than ever at the moment.
Pray that young people would find the support they need in the groups & the online drop in.

3rd (Wed)

Pray for Reuben Alexander, moving to Luton to join the local team this week.
That he will settle in really quickly & enjoy getting to know the team & the young people he meets.

4th (Thu)

Thank God for our volunteers.
They are helping us deliver our Cook with Youthscape packages, working with the local team doing admin & running our Thursday online drop in session.

5th (Fri)

Pray for schools as they manage pupils returning, that they will be able to do this safely.
Pray too for staff & pupils who feel anxious at this time.

6th (Sat)

Pray for the 300 young people taking part with Cook with Youthscape. That they would enjoy being part of it & cooking for their families.

7th (Sun)

For young people who have difficult home lives. Pray for their safety, & that they would be able to access the support they need.

8th (Mon)

Pray for young people worried about the future; making decisions about university, college, or applying for work in the current, uncertain environment.

9th (Tue)

Digital Drop-in runs on Tuesdays & Thursdays.
Pray that young people will have fun & enjoy catching up with their friends online.

10th (Wed)

Pray for young people accessing our online Digital Mentoring program, that they would find it a safe space to access personal & emotional support.

11th (Thu)

We’ve had lots of new referrals this term. Pray that we’ll be able to provide support & get to know these young people, in spite of challenging circumstances.

12th (Fri)

We are Luton: It’s a privilege to be working alongside other organisations locally. Pray for
all involved, for safety & for an increased sense of community as a team.

13th (Sat)

Pray for our team who are mentoring young people digitally. For wisdom & energy as spend time online encouraging & supporting these young people.

14th (Sun)

Thank God that, (especially at this time), we are able to work with so many young people & families in our community.

15th (Mon)

Many young people are applying for university, college & jobs without knowing what qualifications they’ll have. Pray they would be able to find informed guidance & support to help them make these decisions.

16th (Tue)

Many young people struggle with loneliness & social isolation. Please pray for those who are feeling this even more acutely now.

17th (Wed)

Pray for the Youthscape team. For our emotional & physical wellbeing, for strength & wisdom, energy & inspiration as we seek to serve young people, youth workers & professionals.

18th (Thu)

Pray for young people who are shielding, or have family members who are, who will not be able to return to school at the same time as their friends.

19th (Fri)

As the lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted, please pray that young people would find the support they need, as they come to terms with the impact of quarantine & the COVID-19 crisis.

20th (Sat)

Pray for young people who are worried about the school work they have missed this term.

21st (Sun)

Please pray for God’s protection & for safety for the many key workers & their families in our community.

22nd (Fri)

Pray that schools will continue to refer young people they know would benefit from working with us, even though that looks very different at the moment.

23rd (Tue)

For young people in care across Luton; pray that they would find support through Youthscape & other local youth organisations.

24th (Wed)

Pray for charities and organisations across Luton who support and serve young people, and for Youthscape’s partnership with them.

25th (Thu)

Please pray for our different funding applications, that they would be met with positive responses.

26th (Fri)

Families are negotiating going back to school, work, uncertain futures, financial pressures etc.
Pray for them as they navigate their way through this difficult time.

27th (Sat)

Pray for school staff as they finish this term & prepare for the year ahead, with all the additional pressures they face at this time.

28th (Sun)

Pray for Christian young people, that they would know God’s presence with them. That they would find support from friends, youth workers & churches, & that they would encourage each other in their faith.

29th (Mon)

The Youthscape Centre for Innovation is being launched today. Pray for the Innovation Team, as they work on new resources & models of working with young people.

30th (Tue)

Pray for the Youthscape leadership team & the trustees, for God’s wisdom & vision as they plan for the year ahead.

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