This month, join with us in praying for young people, and for the work of Youthscape.

During the 30 days of June, we will be visiting schools across Luton, welcoming more than 250 young people to Bute Mills, and helping 10 local churches grow their youth work. We are holding a special evening for local youth workers - to meet and learn together. As well as hosting two evenings of Luton Unite - the fast-growing gathering of local young people who want to learn more about their faith.

At the same time, (every weekday evening), our Headstrong team will be leading Alumina - running online sessions, working with young people who are self-harming. More than sixty 10 - 18 year olds will take part each week, and get the help they need to learn to manage their self-harm.

Our team will also be visiting churches all over the UK: including Birmingham, Blackburn and Bristol. As well as launching a new resource for youth groups, called ‘Unfold’, designed to help small youth groups get into reading the Bible together. And, of course, we’ll be working hard to prepare for the Satellites festival at the beginning of August.

I think that’s enough to keep us busy! However, it’s nothing without the work of the Spirit. So, let’s pray that God is present in all we are doing; His love touching the lives of young people, in Luton and around the UK.


1st (Sat)

Pray for young people taking exams this month. Pray for peace, for rest, & that young people are able to achieve their potential, & know that their value is separate from their grades.

2nd (Sun)

Pray for Christian young people, that they would know God’s presence with them. That they’d find support from friends, youth workers & churches, & that they would encourage each other in their faith.

3rd (Mon)

Volunteers Week is celebrated between the 3rd and the 9th of June. Pray for people who give their time, skills & passion to support the work of Youthscape & Satellites, locally & nationally.

4th (Tue)

Pray for the local team, as they run the football project, (every Wednesday & Thursday), with year 7s & 8s. Working with young people at Chiltern Academy & Challney Boys Academy.

5th (Wed)

Pray that youth groups around the country will be inviting even more young people to join us at Satellites this summer. And for youth groups as they invite non-Christian young people to join them too.

6th (Thu)

‘Across the UK, 29% of all children are living in poverty’ - the End Child Poverty Coalition. Pray for families, that they will be able to find support, & that more will be done systemically to support people in poverty.

7th (Fri)

June’s Luton Unite event is happening tonight, & young people from Youthscape & our local churches are joining together. Pray for all those involved; that it would be a fun & safe event for everyone.

8th (Sat)

Please pray that people will continue to sign up for our Satellites volunteer team - especially in less popular areas, (e.g. for night stewarding!)

9th (Sun)

Please pray for the interview & selection process for a new Launchpad Regional Partnerships Officer, & for the right appointment to expand the National Church Training Team.

10th (Mon)

Please pray for financial support for Satellites - particularly as we are seeking match funding for a generous £40,000 gift.

11th (Tue)

Pray for our wonderful local team: Gemma, David, Robert, Beki & Emily, & for those who volunteer with them in their work.

12th (Wed)

Pray for the Drop In community: our staff, volunteers & the young people. Pray that Drop In will be a safe & nurturing environment; a place where positive relationships can flourish.

13th (Thu)

Pray for the Satellites team, as they continue to develop an exciting programme for this summer’s festival.

14th (Fri)

Pray for the new volunteers starting work with Alumina this term.

15th (Sat)

Pray for the Youthscape Essentials course. That it’ll strengthen the number of volunteers working with young people in churches, & that more young people might come to know Jesus as a result.

16th (Sun)

Pray for young people who are worried about climate change. That they would find positive, proactive ways to make an impact in campaigning, & making changes that have a lasting effect.

17th (Mon)

Pray for children & young people living with special educational needs, & disabilities. For the challenges they & their families face on a day-to-day basis.

18th (Tue)

Pray for energy & wisdom for the Alumina team, as they finish the term running as many Alumina groups as possible. So they are able to pause for a break over August.

19th (Wed)

Pray for teachers & staff in our local schools; working long hours, with so much expected of them.

20th (Thu)

The Board Retreat takes place today & tomorrow. Pray for the board members & Youthscape leadership team, that they would know God’s wisdom, inspiration & guidance as they meet together.

21st (Fri)

Pray for the young people who are attending the Luton Unite One discipleship group tonight, that their faith would grow through being part of this community.

22nd (Sat)

Pray for the team, who are also busy planning & preparing for the National Youth Ministry Weekend, taking place in November 2024.

23rd (Sun)

Many young people are making decisions about further education jobs etc. Please pray for wisdom & support for them as they look to the future.

24th (Mon)

Pray for our small Satellites team: Martin, Karen, Molly & Robbie - during the incredibly intense & often stressful build up to Satellites.

25th (Tue)

25th - 26th June: Pray for the Launchpad Facilitators training, which is bringing two new Dioceses into the Launchpad network.

26th (Wed)

Pray for God’s peace, wisdom & for energy for the Satellites team; as they prepare for the festival. And for all the youth leaders preparing to bring their young people to Satellites.

27th (Thu)

Pray for young people accessing Alumina. So many are carrying such big emotions & difficult stories. Pray that we are able to support them, & that they will be able to access help closer to home as well.

28th (Fri)

Pray for the local team, as they work with young people in schools, as well as in their detached work with young people in the local community.

29th (Sat)

Thank God for the funding we have received for our work. And for His blessings & provisions for the work that we do.

30th (Sun)

Pray for young people going through a period of change - whether coming to the end of their education, moving to a new high school/college or preparing to go to university.

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