There's a rush of activity at Bute Mills as I write this introduction to our March prayer diary. Downstairs a group of Christian teenagers are in the midst of a half term programme to give them the confidence and skills to talk about their faith, particularly through video online on social media and YouTube. The short films they are making are articulate, passionate and deeply moving.

To grow up as a Christian today is not the norm - you are likely to be one of just a handful among your friends and at school. Our world is changing fast and, in the UK at least, numbers of young people in the church are falling rapidly. Last month, the Church of England published a new report with the chilling finding that there are only 903 parishes with more than 25 children and young people (that's counting babies, toddlers and primary age as well as teenagers). You can read my article about this in Youth Work News on the main Youthscape website.

So we need to cherish and support young people growing up in the church. We need to pray we will create the kinds of spaces where they can find a deep, robust and meaningful faith. Did you know Youthscape is working with churches across Luton and the whole country to help them do exactly this? Pray with us this month for that work and all we are doing to serve young people.



1st (Sun)

Drop In sessions have a different theme each weekday to meet the needs of different young people. Pray that more & more local young people find a session that suits them.

2nd (Mon)

Lily, one of our amazing volunteers, is running Created on Tuesday evenings. Please pray for Lily & the team as they help young people, aged 11-14, to look after their mental and emotional wellbeing.

3rd (Tue)

Please pray for the Youthscape Leadership team as they take part in a strategy day together.

4th (Wed)

Pray for Rob, David & Matt, leading a Cardinal Newman Retreat day today at Youthscape. The young people will be exploring their relationships with the world, each other & with God.

5th (Thu)

Jenny & Gemma are running an Alumina group in Ashcroft this term. Pray that this would make a real difference to the lives of the young people involved.

6th (Fri)

Please pray for the young people taking part in our Relationships Toolkit Project. Pray that it will help them to build healthy & positive relationships.

7th (Sat)

Please pray for our Finance & Admin team as they oversee the daily running of the office, that they would be enthusiastic, wise & inspired in the work they do.

8th (Sun)

Pray for our Innovation team, meeting tomorrow with experts in additional needs to design a new resource to help churches make better provision for all young people.

9th (Mon)

The OpenHouse Community Dinner is taking place tonight. Please pray for the young people as they prepare & serve dinner tonight, that it would be a really great evening for all involved.

10th (Tue)

Please pray for the Youthscape staff team, in their busy roles. That God would inspire them & energise them for the work they do.

11th (Wed)

Pray for more young people to attend our after school Drop In sessions this term.

12th (Thu)

Please pray for Jenny & the team leading the Self-harm Equipping & Supporting Training Day for professionals, being held at Youthscape today.

13th (Fri)

Pray for young people preparing for their exams. That they would be able to revise well & find support when they are feeling overwhelmed.

14th (Sat)

Please pray that more local councils in the UK will hear about the work we do and approach us to run training courses for them.

15th (Sun)

Pray for positive relationships to grow with the new young people we meet this term. That the work they do with us would make a lasting change to their lives.

16th (Mon)

Cardinal Newman Retreat Days are taking place at Youthscape this term. 300 young people will be taking part, pray that they will be inspired & challenged by what they hear & learn.

17th (Tue)

17-19 March: Chris & Martin are in Greece speaking at the European Youth Ministry Network gathering. Pray for safe travels & good communication that is understood!

18th (Wed)

For young people who have difficult home lives. Pray that they will be safe & find support & positive friendships through the difficulties they face.

19th (Thu)

Pray for education staff working in our schools, colleges & universities. That they would find support when they need it in their work with young people.

20th (Fri)

Nationally, many young people are struggling with their mental health but finding it difficult to access help. Pray that positive steps would be made to address this & for Youthscape to support them.

21st (Sat)

Please pray for the local team as they run a new Exam, Stress & Sabbath pilot project in Chalk Hills at the end of the month. Pray that the young people involved would benefit greatly from it.

22nd (Sun)

Pray for young people & their families who are living in poverty. That they would be able to find support where they need it & be able to access services that can help them practically.

23rd (Mon)

Martin, Rachel & a small team are in Preston recording & filming new episodes of our podcast, which is currently listened to 3,500 times each month.

24th (Tue)

Pray for young people taking part in the online Alumina groups. That they would receive the support they need to help them overcome their struggles with self-harm.

25th (Wed)

Please pray for our volunteers - they do an amazing job. Pray that God will strengthen them and bless them in all they do.

26th (Thu)

Please pray for us as we continue fundraising towards the Satellites youth event, taking place in summer 2021.

27th (Fri)

The International certificate of Youth Theology & Innovation: A collaborative course run by Princeton (US) & Youthscape. Pray for the UK & US students as they study & also for those teaching the course.

28th (Sat)

Many youth workers are stuggling with increasingly unrealistic workloads. Please pray that they would find prayer & support.

29th (Sun)

Pray for the young people our team are mentoring. That they would be encouraged & positively changed by the time they spend with their mentors.

30th (Mon)

Pray for positive relationships to grow with the young people we meet this term. That the work they do with us would make a lasting change to their lives.

31st (Tue)

Pray for Reuben Alexander who is joining our team in April. He will be focussing on mental health & wellbeing at Youthscape, & the rest of his time will be working for St Luke’s.

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