Youthscape is helping churches care for young people in their congregartions, and in their communities.

Overcoming fears, (have we anything to offer young people!), and some common challenges, (no volunteers to help!), these churches are gathering the few young people they have or making new connections through local schools.

This is Launchpad, a national project for churches who want to do more for young people, but don’t know where to start - and it’s part of the wider national work that we’re doing alongside our day-to-day support for young people in Luton.

In the corner of a Costa in a town in Hertfordshire; in a vicarage kitchen in Islington; and in a church hall in Blackburn, churches aren’t just bemoaning the lack of young people, they’re doing something about it!

Launchpad started in 2018 with ten churches asking for help in north London.

Those early days have turned into more than 160 churches now participating, and the Church of England asking us to help 500 more in the next three years. We are nothing if not busy!

Starting work with young people isn’t always easy, but churches have more to offer than they imagine - love, acceptance, and pizza are a healthy starting point.

This year we have two new team members joining us to help expand Launchpad, with Chris and Rachel Gardner also helping.

So, expect to hear and see more, (a video telling the story is underway), and pray with us for churches to find the courage and confidence to open their doors to young people once again.


1st (Wed)

It’s global self-injury awareness day today. Please pray for an increased understanding about self-injury, & for the removal of stigma. Pray too for hope for young people who need it right now.

2nd (Thu)

Gillian has just started as our National Course lead for Youthscape Essentials. Pray that she will settle in quickly and enjoy being part of the team.

3rd (Fri)

Our monthly, Luton Unite event is taking place tonight, (at Bute Mills). Young people from Youthscape & local churches are joining together, please pray for that it would be a fun & safe event for everyone.

4th (Sat)

Pray for the 20 young people attending Fearless, & their journey to a healthier, more confident future. And, for Beki & Dave leading Fearless.

5th (Sun)

Rachel Arberry is joining the local team, on her placement from Moorlands College. Please pray that she would settle in quickly, & enjoy being part of the team.

6th (Mon)

Pray for Jemimah, as she begins maternity leave today. And for her and Matt as they anticipate the arrival of their baby, due later this month.

7th (Tue)

Alumina is BUSY right now. Pray for those on our waiting list, that they aren’t suffering alone & that they know there is support available.

8th (Wed)

Pray for young people on the Fearless course, taking place on Thursdays this half term; that they would enjoy being part of the group, & that it would help them make positive changes for the future.

9th (Thu)

Pray for the Innovation team, as they think about new ideas & opportunities for innovation.

10th (Fri)

Please pray for Gemma Madle, the newest member of the research team who is starting with Youthscape this month.

11th (Sat)

Young people are revising for their GCSEs & A levels. Please pray for them as they prepare, especially those who struggle with stress & anxiety when faced with revision & exams.

12th (Sun)

Please pray for the sale of Satellites ticket. Ideally, we need over 3000 to attend to make the event financially viable.

13th (Mon)

Pray for Dave, as he produces our podcasts alongside working for the local team. And pray that the podcasts will inspire & equip those working with young people.

14th (Tue)

Lucie is finishing off the Research team Trend report, which will be published soon. Pray that it will bring some real insight to those who want to better understand and support young people.

15th (Wed)

Pray for new Alumina groups. That young people will find love, peace & hope in this space. That we can help & guide them to a different place & their next steps in recovery from self-harm.

16th (Thu)

The Fearless residential is today & tomorrow. Pray for those leading the event, & for the young people to be safe, & have fun together.

17th (Fri)

Please pray for the new Luton Unite discipleship group 'One', as they meet together this evening.

18th (Sat)

Please pray for Sarah, Alex & Esther, as they oversee the finances & fundraising for Youthscape. And for Mulkina & Nicki - as they oversee the day to day admin of Youthscape & the store & room hire.

19th (Sun)

Pray for Alumina volunteers, that they feel supported & that they will find strength in the Spirit. Also, pray for new volunteers, & avenues through which we can find more volunteers.

20th (Mon)

The Innovation team are quite small at the moment, & would be grateful for your prayers that God would move them to a place where the team will grow.

21st (Tue)

The local & research teams are doing research into how best to support youth worker’s who are leading really small groups of young people. Pray that this research will make a real difference to the youth work in the UK.

22nd (Wed)

Pray for us as we look to recruit volunteers to work at Satellites in the summer, we need about 400 people to run a safe, smooth event.

23rd (Thu)

Pray that young people experiencing suicidal thoughts would feel able to reach out for help. And pray that they would find positive support to get them through these difficult times.

24th (Fri)

Pray for those young people in Luton who are facing difficult challenges at home, school or in other ways - that we may help them in some way.

25th (Sat)

Pray for the Alumina drop-in community. For those with difficult circumstances at home, who are struggling to find peace.

26th (Sun)

Pray for the team organising the Satellites Festival, especially for Tabi (who is returning from maternity leave), & for Rosie, who is joining the team in March.

27th (Mon)

Many young people are struggling with their mental health, & some feel suicidal. Pray for them to know peace, & to find the help they need.

28th (Tue)

Thank God for the extra research support from Robson, who runs our Alumina programme, and who has been working with the Research team.

29th (Wed)

The last session of our latest Youthscape Essentials course is today. Pray that those

who’ve attended would know God's blessing, as they look to start new Youth ministries in their communities.

30th (Thu)

The charity Centrepoint estimate that there are over 122,000 homeless young people across the UK. Please pray that more will be done to help these young people, & to prevent more becoming homeless in the future.

31st (Fri)

For young people struggling with their mental health. Pray they find hope and support through Alumina, & pray for those in hospital at this time.

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