In times like these, the disadvantaged, the poor and vulnerable are often those who suffer the most. Cramped conditions, difficult family relationships, and financial hardship take their heavy toll. So it's our duty to take action and do everything we can, especially for children and young people.

And that’s just what our amazing team are busy doing. I’m so proud of their commitment and passion to make a difference. In a few short weeks, we’ve mobilised with other local charities to organise food parcels and other practical support, online mentoring and help, and finding creative ways young people can make the most of their time. Three hundred and fifty parcels are being delivered each week across Luton by our team, and they are going ‘above and beyond’ to be there for young people who are especially vulnerable. Your financial support, prayers and messages of encouragement all mean so much to us as we do whatever we can for those who need help. Thank you.

Bute Mills is strangely empty right now, and who knows when it will be full of young people again? As a team we’re still meeting and praying together online, including our regular Monday morning chapel services. But we long for better days, and this month we pray together for that, as well as for those who need help in the midst of this crisis.

So join us through May, praying for the work of Youthscape each day, and for the young people we serve. Thank you.

Chris Curtis


1st (Fri)

Pray that families in need would be able to find the 'We are Luton Covid 19 Response Group'. 18 local organisations, including Youthscape, working together to support families practically & emotionally at this time.

2nd (Sat)

For Chris, Karen & Lucy, applying for funding during this challenging time. Pray that funders would be inspired to support the work we are doing with young people, families & youth workers.

3rd (Sun)

There are young people who are especially vulnerable at this time; finding themselves homeless or in abusive environments. (Many unknown to services & not receiving support.) Pray that they'll be able to access help & that professionals are able to reach out to them.

4th (Mon)

Please pray for our new Satellites Event Director, Robbie, starting today. That he would quickly feel part of the team, even when he can’t physically meet us!

5th (Tue)

Pray for safety & practical & emotional support for key workers & their families, as they serve their communities so faithfully.

6th (Wed)

Some of our team are on furlough at the moment. Please pray that they wouldn't feel frustrated, but would be inspired, refreshed & encouraged.

7th (Thu)

Pray for children with special educational needs & their families, as they navigate this time without the additional support they normally have access to in school & in the community.

8th (Fri)

We are releasing a new resource - 'Showcase', (designed to work both in lockdown & after). A book of ideas for youth workers, to help them motivate young people to find ways to express their creativity. Pray that it will be helpful & inspiring.

9th (Sat)

Please pray for the young people we work with. That they would stay engaged with Youthscape & continue to feel supported in these uncertain times.

10th (Sun)

For young people unable to take their GCSEs & A Levels this year. Waiting to receive their results in August, but unable to work to improve them. Pray they would know peace as they navigate an uncertain future.

11th (Mon)

Families are spending so much time together, with added pressures of home schooling, working at home & finance. Pray for protection over relationships & that they’d be able to find moments of joy together.

12th (Tue)

Pray for the local team, as they take food & care packages to young people & their families. That the team would stay safe & well & be a familiar, encouraging face to the families they see.

13th (Wed)

For youth workers feeling overwhelmed by current circumstances & trying to find creative ways to continue to support young people. Pray that they would know God's presence & peace with them.

14th (Thu)

Pray for young people struggling with eating disorders; facing the additional stresses of isolation, anxiety & an inability to access foods they feel safe with, or the support they rely on.

15th (Fri)

Many young people are struggling with anxiety, boredom & loneliness. Pray that they would find safe online support & friendship networks.

16th (Sat)

Pray for young people dealing with bereavement, that they wouldn't have to go through it alone. That they would be able to find support & peace in their grief.

17th (Sun)

Please pray for Karen & Nicki, as they oversee finances, resource sales & the day-to-day admin of Youthscape.

18th (Mon)

Drop In is running digitally on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Pray that young people would enjoy being able to see each other online, share how they are doing & have fun together.

19th (Tue)

Pray for Chris, Martin, Karen, Lucie & Jemimah, as they navigate the way forward for Youthscape. For God's clear guidance, wisdom & presence.

20th (Wed)

We're still able to send resources out, & mental health & discipleship resources are particularly popular right now. Pray that young people would benefit spiritually & mentally from using these.

21st (Thu)

Many NHS staff are living away from home to keep their families safe. Pray for them, as they & their families sacrifice time together; for protection & times where they are able to rest.

22nd (Fri)

Pray that schools will continue to refer young people they know would benefit from working with us, even though that looks quite different at the moment.

23rd (Sat)

Pray for the young people in care across Luton, that they would be able to find support through Youthscape & other local youth organisations.

24th (Sun)

Pray for positive relationships to grow with the new young people we meet this term & those we are already working with. That we are able to support them & their families through this time.

25th (Mon)

There are a growing number of families struggling financially. Pray that they would be able to access help & support; to ease the economic burdens they are facing & provide practically for their needs.

26th (Tue)

Young people are doing even more than ever digitally. Pray for their safety online, & that they will be able to rest when they are experiencing digital fatigue.

27th (Wed)

Pray for school staff as they plan ahead for the next school year, with the uncertainties & challenges they face.

28th (Thu)

Church leaders & youth workers are supporting their congregations, young people & those in their communities. Pray that they would know God's wisdom, inspiration & peace as they serve.

29th (Fri)

Funding & revenue will be a challenge for us during this crisis. Pray that as we apply for grants, they'll be met positively. Also, that we'll be able to manage funds well & find new sources of income.

30th (Sat)

Our online Alumina project is accessed by young people who self-harm. Pray for Jenny & the team leading the groups, & for the young people - that it'll be a safe space for them to talk & find help to cope with overwhelming emotions.

31st (Sun)

Thank God for all the youth workers & professionals working with young people. For their dedication & the ways they are finding to support those in their care.

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