It might seem a bit strange to be thinking of November - especially now it's finally getting a little warmer - but that's exactly what we're doing this month.

We’re launching the programme and theme of our annual conference, the National Youth Ministry Weekend. Which draws over a thousand youth workers together in Birmingham in those darker Autumn days. (Interested? Take a look at nymw.info).

This year our focus is how the church can equip young people for lifelong faith. That’s a real challenge given how many teenagers turn away from the church as they get older.

We’re asking - not only how we can stop that? But how we can give young people a faith that is strong enough to navigate adulthood, and help them thrive. Goodness knows what kind of challenges they’ll face in the future... but what we do for them as teenagers can make all the difference.

So we’re busy inviting speakers, planning the event, and inviting volunteers, church leaders and youth workers to join us. Do pray for us we do this - and for the conference itself in the chilly days of next November!


1st (Wed)

Pray for the meeting of the Youthscape Events Board - as they seek to offer wise governance for our Satellites & National Youth Ministry Weekend Events.

2nd (Thu)

Please pray that youth groups around the country will be inviting even more young people to join us at Satellites this summer.

3rd (Fri)

It's Luton Unite this evening. Please pray for the youth leaders from Youthscape & local churches. And pray that the young people would have fun together, as they learn more about faith.

4th (Sat)

It's exam season, & many of our young people will face exams throughout May. Pray for peace, for rest, & that young people are able to achieve their potential, & know that their value is separate from their grades.

5th (Sun)

Pray for the Youthscape Essentials Team, as they update the Youthscape Essentials Handbook. Pray for creativity & inspiration as they work on this.

6th (Mon)

Pray for young people we work in Luton to sign up to come to the Satellites festival.

7th (Tue)

We are raising funds for local young people to attend Satellites. Pray that enough funding will be received to enable any young people who want to come, to be able to come without any financial worries.

8th (Wed)

"Being able to afford food, basic cleaning products & toiletries is a real daily struggle for many families." (The Trussell Trust). Pray for families who are currently having to rely on food banks for essentials at this time.

9th (Thu)

Pray for young people across the UK, as they take their GCSE exams between 9th May & 19th June.

10th (Fri)

Praise God that Alumina have new volunteers, & are now seeing a reduction in the waitlist times for young people seeking help.

11th (Sat)

The local team's Football Project is in 2 schools every week, helping young people learn & grow using the game of football. Pray for good weather, & that positive relationships will be built with young people.

12th (Sun)

For Robson & the Alumina team: pray for wisdom, energy & ongoing support for them as a team, as they work with young people facing very difficult situations.

13th (Mon)

This evening is the Youthscape, St Mellitus lecture. Exploring a vision for leadership that seeks to hold authority differently, through deep attentiveness to the other, acknowledging that the humanity of each person bears the image of Christ.

14th (Tue)

Pray for Rachel, Martin & David, as they record ten new episodes of the Youthscape podcast over today & tomorrow. Pray for stamina, skill, inspiration & wisdom as they work together.

15th (Wed)

Thank God for the many amazing young people we've been able to work with so far this year. Pray that our work will continue to have a positive impact in their lives.

16th (Thu)

Pray for young people who have taken part in previous Fearless & Compass groups; that they will stay connected to Youthscape through Drop In & through other Youthscape activities.

17th (Fri)

Pray for Luton Unite One, the discipleship group for local young people, taking place this evening at Bute Mills.

18th (Sat)

The local team are busy working with local young people in lots of different ways. Please pray they would be blessed with wisdom, energy, inspiration & patience in all they do.

19th (Sun)

Pray that our ‘Brave Journal’ resource, (which is for young people who struggle with anxiety, worry & stress), will equip young people with positive strategies.

20th (Mon)

Please pray that God will guide us as we seek financial support for Satellites. It is especially important as we are still in the early years of running this event.

21st (Tue)

Pray that God will be inspiring people to sign up to volunteer at the Satellites festival.

22nd (Wed)

Please pray for the health of the Youthscape team. And pray that we would be supportive of each other in all areas of our work, especially in such a busy term.

23rd (Thu)

Pray for the churches who, having taken part in the Launchpad training, are now engaging with young people in their local communities.

24th (Fri)

The Translating God report is being released in stages. Pray that the research will inspire & inform Christian leaders in their work with young people.

25th (Sat)

Pray for the Alumina team. It is intense working with young people experiencing trauma & struggling with difficult emotions. Pray the team's energy levels will be restored, & that they will have time to rest.

26th (Sun)

Please pray that the resources we are creating continue to meet the needs of youth workers & young people.

27th (Mon)

Pray for Gillian, Charles, Alex & Alice; as they plan for Satellites, & how they can better support youth workers bringing their groups to the festival.

28th (Tue)

A lot of young people are making decisions about further education, jobs etc. Pray for wisdom & support for them, as they make plans for the future.

29th (Wed)

Pray for Robson, Laura & Carys - as they responds to emails from young people who are struggling with self-harm, suicidal thoughts & other difficult emotions. Pray that they would know God’s wisdom & peace.

30th (Thu)

Many youth workers have already bought Prayer Bands for their young people. Pray that wearing them will encourage these young people to pray regularly, & to engage with different types of prayer.

31st (Fri)

Many of our most experienced & helpful young people are leaving this term. Pray they enjoy their final term with us, & that we're able to end things well with them. Pray too, that they find long term homes in Christian communities.

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