There are lots of things about Youthscape that make it the unique and exciting organisation it is - but one of them is the Youthscape Centre for Research. Do you know about them and the work they do?

Led by academic Dr Lucie Shuker, the Centre is fundamental to helping us create the programmes and activities that help so many young people. Founded five years ago, as a discreet team of three within Youthscape, the Centre carry out and publish their own research into young people's beliefs and attitudes, and into the impact of youth ministry.

Their work has been read and acknowledged throughout the world, not just in the UK, and their regular digest of relevant research ('The Story' - it's free online and you should take a look at it! https://www.youthscape.co.uk/r...) is an essential read for hundreds of youth workers.

All to to say, this amazing team need your prayers as they currently work on projects as diverse as research into young people's views on climate change, sex education in schools and, of course, the impact of the pandemic on young people's live and church youth ministry.

They bring depth and rigour to our work, at a time when clear-headed insights are essential to make sense of what's happening and how we should respond. Please pray for them and their amazing ministry this month.


1st (Sun)

Pray for the team working in our local schools this term, as they run small groups & the Thrive programme with the pupils there.

2nd (Mon)

Oliver Brown joins the team today, he’s our new Digital Marketing assistant & will be working alongside Amy. Pray that he settles in to the team quickly.

3rd (Tue)

Lucie, Gry & Phoebe are our Research team. Pray that their research will inform the future of youth work, & have a positive impact on the way youth workers are able to lead & relate to young people.

4th (Wed)

Pray for our Innovation team today, as they meet together to discuss a brand new resource to help teenagers engage with issues of justice.

5th (Thu)

Please pray for Rob, David, Jemimah, Reuben & Gemma, as they work with young people in schools across Luton, every Thursday this term.

6th (Fri)

Alumina is accessed by young people who self-harm. Pray for the team leading the groups, & for the young people - that it’ll be a safe space for them to talk & find help to cope with overwhelming emotions.

7th (Sat)

Thrive is our new service to support students with their mental & emotional wellbeing. Pray for our team, as they work closely with local schools to deliver this programme in response to the pandemic.

8th (Sun)

For young people in the different groups led by our local team across Luton this term. Pray that taking part will make a huge difference to their wellbeing, & have a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

9th (Mon)

For the Youthscape team, pray for our emotional & physical wellbeing. For strength & wisdom, energy & inspiration, as we seek to serve young people, youth workers & professionals.

10th (Tue)

Pray for David & Nicola, (one of our lovely volunteers), leading groups in Chalk Hills Academy, on Tuesday afternoons this term.

11th (Wed)

Please pray for God’s protection & for safety for the many key workers & their families, as they continue to serve their communities so faithfully at this time.

12th (Thu)

Pray for Gemma & Hannah, leading groups in Stockwood Park Academy, on Friday mornings this term.

13th (Fri)

This weekend would’ve been the National Youth Ministry Weekend. Pray for youth leaders across the UK, who are missing out on the annual gathering that brings so much encouragement and inspiration.

14th (Sat)

Pray for youth groups using Together Apart 2: God at the Centre. A new series of 7 free session plans to help youth leaders engage and explore discipleship with young people in this new normal.

15th (Sun)

Pray for young people experiencing racism, that they would know the support of people around them, & that these issues would be addressed positively in communities locally, nationally and globally.

16th (Mon)

Esther Taylor joins our team today as the new Youthscape fundraiser. Pray that she would settle in really well, & that she will quickly build relationships with existing funders & with potential funders.

17th (Tue)

As young people come to terms with the impact of COVID-19, pray that Head Strong will be a place they find practical support & encouragement.

18th (Wed)

Pray for David, Connie, Rob & Gemma, leading groups in Putteridge & Denbigh High Schools, each Wednesday this term.

19th (Thu)

Pray for youth workers & teenagers around the UK using our Head Strong Youth Group Programme this term. A ready-to-use youth group session, tackling mental wellbeing in the midst of the pandemic.

20th (Fri)

Pray for the many families locally who are affected by job losses. For the emotional and financial pressures they face at this difficult time.

21st (Sat)

Pray for Kate, Laura, Jenny & Jeff, as they manage Head Strong. A positive online space, where young people can hear God’s better story for them & their lives, & explore mental & emotional wellbeing.

22nd (Sun)

Church leaders & youth workers are supporting their congregations, young people & those in their communities. Pray that they would know God’s wisdom, inspiration & peace as they serve.

23rd (Mon)

Thank God for our Research team, for the diversity of work they do, & the difference that the research makes to our understanding of young people & to youth work in the UK & around the world.

24th (Tue)

Pray for the Satellites team as they meet with the leaders of Fresh Expressions today, to discuss working together to help young people find a home in church.

25th (Wed)

For Jenny & the Alumina team, who are supporting young people online. Pray for wisdom, energy & ongoing support for them as a team, as they work with young people facing incredibly difficult situations.

26th (Thu)

Pray that young people, youth workers & other professionals will find our online resource Head Strong encouraging & helpful.

27th (Fri)

Pray for Chris Curtis, Youthscape’s CEO, as he leads the charity and supports the team in their work with young people.

28th (Sat)

Pray for Christian young people, that they would know God’s presence with them. That they would find support from friends, youth workers & churches, & that they would encourage each other in their faith.

29th (Sun)

Child poverty affects at least 46% of young people in Luton. Pray that families would be able to access practical and financial help and support; to ease the burdens they are facing.

30th (Mon)

The latest edition of The Story, is due out this week. Pray that it will help communicate the issues affecting young people, & be a positive tool for those working with young people in their communities.

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