Think for a moment about the thousands of people in churches who help run youth groups and all kinds of activities with young people, from music to sport, and everything in between. A few are paid, but only a very few. Most are volunteers, arriving on a Sunday morning, or running groups at other times during the week. Many from a busy week at work as well as their other responsibilities. Perhaps they lead the group, or simply help out once in a while... but all of them are a crucial to the church engaging young people, and are often hugely influential in these young peoples’ lives.

The conversations and activities these leaders organise help young people form a deeper understanding of faith. They create space for them to ask important questions, some of which are hard to ask at home, (the youth group can often be a safer place for some discussions). So, those helpers and volunteers are vital - as is their wellbeing and training.

Which leads us to November at Youthscape - and the major event we are organising: The National Youth Ministry Weekend. Running from 24th to 26th November in Birmingham, 1,000 volunteers and youth workers will gather from churches all around the UK. They’ll share stories, learn new skills, find fresh inspiration, then head home renewed in their vocation. The weekend is one of the highlights of the year for us, and this is the sixth we’ve run. So, I ask you to join with us in praying this month - that it will be a fruitful and vibrant experience for all. The impact of which could reverberate around church for months and years to come. Thank you.


1st (Wed)

Pray for peace in Gaza, & for those suffering as a result of the war & violence there. Pray that God would be with those who mourn, & that He would grant wisdom to those in power.

2nd (Thu)

Pray for youth workers who are still thinking about attending the NYMW, that they would make a decision to come.

3rd (Fri)

Young people from Youthscape & local churches are joining together tonight for this month’s Luton Unite event, which is taking place at Bute Mills. Pray that it would be a wonderful evening for them all.

4th (Sat)

Pray for Gemma (Madle) - writing an edition of The Story, about Artificial Intelligence, for NYMW. Sifting through lots of research & commentaries to identify what’s most relevant to Christian Youth workers.

5th (Sun)

Please pray for the Youthscape team - for our final preparations for the National Youth Ministry Weekend, (24th - 26th November).

6th (Mon)

Pray for the Youthscape Essentials team today, as they train others to host this course in their church or organisation. And pray that the hosts would be able to confidently deliver this material to others.

7th (Tue)

Pray for Laura, Hannah, Chris & Martin, as they prepare our new resources - ready to launch at the National Youth Ministry weekend.

8th (Wed)

Pray for young people on the Fearless course this term; that they would enjoy being part of the group, & that their lives would be positively changed for the future.

9th (Thu)

Youthscape Essentials includes films that share current research about trends for young people. Pray that these films will help participants understand youth culture more, as well as how it impacts youth ministry.

10th (Fri)

Alumina currently has LONG waiting lists. Pray that the young people wanting to join a group would feel supported, loved, & cared for as they they wait.

11th (Sat)

Alice & Chris are training two new cohorts of church leaders. Pray that these leaders will engage with the Launchpad material & consider how to start youth work within their communities.

12th (Sun)

Praise God for church leaders in Canterbury - who have recently started youth ministry in their local areas.

13th (Mon)

Pray for the Youthscape Local team - as they start a new football project. They will be meeting weekly with a group of year 8s; to learn about football, as well as how to handle challenging emotions.

14th (Tue)

We have new staff members joining the Youthscape team this term. Please pray that they will settle in quickly & enjoying being part of the team.

15th (Wed)

Pray for Alex, Charles & Gillian, running Youthscape Essentials. Working with youth leaders - with the overall aim of seeing young people grow in their relationship with God as a result of this work.

16th (Thu)

Pray for more people to volunteer for Alumina, so we can build a stronger team to match the demand for help. Pray that we recruit the right people, so we can build an experienced & confident team!

17th (Fri)

Pray for the Youthscape Discipleship group (Youthscape: One). It’s for young people who attend Youthscape Drop In & Luton Unite. Pray for the team & young people involved.

18th (Sat)

Pray for more new groups to hear about Satellites, & pray for good conversations about Satellites to take place at the National Youth Ministry Weekend.

19th (Sun)

The Youthscape Essentials Team are meeting youth workers at the NYMW. Pray that they would want to join the course, as it can be formative to their youth work, & a positive way of investing in their teams.

20th (Mon)

Praise God that there are already over 100 groups booked onto Satellites 2024, including over 20 completely new groups who have not been to Satellites before!

21st (Tue)

Please pray for staff, worship leaders & speakers working at the NYMW. Pray for God’s protection over their health both before & during the weekend. And pray for safety as they make their way to the venue.

22nd (Wed)

Pray for all those at the NYMW this weekend, that they would know God’s presence. And that they would be inspired & encouraged in the work that they do, both now, & as they go back to their roles.

23rd (Thu)

Please pray for the NYMW team, the speakers & youth workers as they travel to Birmingham from around the country today.

24th (Fri)

For all the staff, worship leaders & speakers working at the NYMW: Pray that they would be welcoming to all the delegates, & for God’s wisdom to guide them in all they are doing.

25th (Sat)

Pray for the NYMW delegates - that they would know God’s presence. Pray too that they would be inspired & encouraged as they head back to their roles next week.

26th (Sun)

At the NYMW this morning, we’ll be spending time as a community of youth workers, praying, worshipping & listening to God. Pray for renewed vision, inspiration & enthusiasm, in our work with young people.

27th (Mon)

Today is the final session of our Autumn Youthscape Essentials course. More than 20 youth workers have been part of this course, pray for them to embed their learning in to their own ministry.

28th (Tue)

Pray for leaders who deliver Youthscape Essentials in their churches, as they come together to consider how Youthscape Essentials can improve & grow, to meet the needs of youth leaders better.

29th (Wed)

Please pray for the Innovation team, working together on a new resource for small groups, that needs to be ready by the end of the year.

30th (Thu)

Pray for Alex (Du Rand), our Finance Manager, as she begins maternity leave. Pray she’ll be able to enjoy a time of rest, & for everything to go smoothly as she & Jean welcome their new addition to the family.

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