Throughout October, Youthscape is running a campaign called ‘BRAVE’ - to support young people’s mental health and well-being.

We’ve put together more than 50 resources for church youth leaders, to help them care for young people. And, as you will be well aware, there is an overwhelming need. Young people’s mental health has never been poorer.

Survey after survey are telling us that more teenagers are struggling with anxiety, depression and self-harm. The pandemic has taken its toll.

We believe Christian youth work should address these issues head-on. Young people in youth groups across Luton and all around the UK should be getting support that is both professional, and based in our belief in a loving God who is present with every teenager in their darkest moments. So, we’re giving youth leaders the resources they need to do that - videos, activities, podcasts and more.

It’s something we feel passionate about; resourcing others, alongside our own direct, face-to-face work with young people on the same issues.

So, please pray with us this month for the Brave campaign - that it will give youth leaders the confidence to tackle these issues, and young people the advice and hope they’re looking for. (You can see the campaign for yourself at youthscape.co.uk/brave).


1st (Fri)

Pray for the local church youth groups attending the Luton Unite gathering tonight. That they would have fun together, & grow in their faith.

2nd (Sat)

The latest edition of The Story is out this week. Pray that it will help communicate the issues affecting young people, & be a positive tool for those working with young people in their communities.

3rd (Sun)

Pray for the local team’s ‘God’s Good Earth’ project. Where young people are creating art for an exhibition, to challenge people about where faith & climate change interact.

4th (Mon)

‘BRAVE’ is being launched today. It’s a free library of resources for youth leaders, to help them have good conversations with young people about the key issues they are facing right now.

5th (Tue)

We are starting to recruit the wider team for the Satellites Festival today. Please pray for wisdom in this process, & for key roles to be filled quickly.

6th (Wed)

Pray for young people on the Fearless & Compass courses this term; that they would enjoy being part of the group, & that their lives would be positively changed for the future.

7th (Thu)

Pray for Created. Our local team are working with young people, (from years 7 - 9), over the next 5 weeks. And for Lily, who is leading the course together with volunteers.

8th (Fri)

Reuben & Matt are leading the Atlas Course: A new programme for boys - to support holistic wellbeing. It will take place over 6 months, so pray that it will make a real difference to the lives of those involved.

9th (Sat)

Please pray for Rob, who is currently unable to work on the local team due to a torn Achilles. Pray that God would bring healing & peace to him.

10th (Sun)

Pray for the Innovation team, as they are busy finalising new resources for this year’s National Youth Ministry Weekend.

11th (Mon)

Pray for Martin, as he speaks to youth leaders & young people across Northamptonshire today about investing in spiritual practices.

12th (Tue)

Pray for the Compass Residential taking place today & tomorrow. For Jemimah, Natasha & Matt, who are leading the residential, & for the young people - that they would have fun & be changed positively by it.

13th (Wed)

For Esther, thinking & planning for Christmas, that she would be inspired to create a Christmas fundraising campaign that has a huge impact.

14th (Thu)

Pray for our Research & Innovation teams - as they work more closely together, putting research into action, (in the form of resources & website content etc).

15th (Fri)

Pray for Drop In, taking place each Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, (3.30pm - 6pm), for those in years 9 - 13.

16th (Sat)

Pray for Jemimah, who is currently writing a new mentoring resource that will help youth workers set up mentoring programmes & deliver helpful & positive sessions.

17th (Sun)

Our team are busy supporting students, school staff, professionals, youth workers & church leaders. Please pray for protection over the health of our team, so that we can continue supporting others.

18th (Mon)

Please pray for our team, as we prepare for the National Youth Ministry Weekend, taking place in Birmingham, from 12th - 14th November.

19th (Tue)

Pray for Chris & Martin, as they take part today in a national consultation about the future of church youth work.

20th (Wed)

Our monthly Fundraising Forum is taking place today. Pray that those taking part, who fundraise for Christian organisations, would feel blessed & encouraged.

21st (Thu)

Pray that many youth workers & church leaders will access ‘BRAVE’ this month. And that it will make a real difference in their work with young people who are struggling at this time.

22nd (Fri)

Pray for young people preparing for their mock exams this term.

23rd (Sat)

Pray for young people who are worried about climate change. That they would find positive ways to make an impact in campaigning & making changes that have a lasting affect.

24th (Sun)

Alumina is accessed by young people who self-harm. Pray for the team leading the groups, & for the young people. That it’ll be a safe space for them to talk & find help to cope with overwhelming emotions.

25th (Mon)

Pray for children & young people living with special educational needs. There are about 1 million, (of whom 1 in 10 have complex & life-limiting conditions).

26th (Tue)

Pray that ‘BRAVE’ will empower youth leaders & young people, & build confidence & resilience to stand tall against the giants life so often brings up.

27th (Wed)

Pray for Christian young people, that they would know God’s presence with them. That they would find support from friends, youth workers & churches, & that they would encourage each other in their faith.

28th (Thu)

Many young carers have to balance looking after loved ones, with school work & trying to spend time with friends. Please pray that they would find support in these complex situations.

29th (Fri)

Pray for Kate, Jenny, Laura & the amazing volunteers - our BeHeadStrong team, (https://www.beheadstrong.uk). As they provide mental health support & advice for young people, their parents, youth workers & other professionals.

30th (Sat)

Pray for youth groups reading through the We Are Satellites book together, as they explore what it means to be disciples.

31st (Sun)

Pray for young people & their families who are living in poverty. That they would be able to find support, & be able to access services that can help them in really practical ways.

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