Our local work takes us into Luton schools to support students with emotional or behavioural needs. But it also takes us into local churches who are working with young people, sometimes in small numbers, where we want to help strengthen their youth work.

That takes me to last Friday evening, here at Bute Mills. It had been been a rainy, cold day in late September, and I wondered who would show up to the joint church youth group meeting we were hosting. But I shouldn’t have doubted - one by one young people arrived - some accompanied by their leaders, some from our drop in at Bute Mills.

This is Luton Unite One - a monthly Bible study for young people - and guess what? They’re interested enough to show up in the rain! Rob, who’s leading the evening, invites them to choose a small group that reflects their level of interest in a conversation about a Bible story.

Most choose the top level! They want a proper discussion, and they’re not afraid to talk about real issues. It’s a wonderful evening - rich in conversation - exploring the Bible and what means for a 15 year old.

The reason I’m sharing this with you, as we pray together through October, is to remind ourselves that, (even in 2023), young people are curious about the Bible and what it says, as long as we are prepared to create a safe, non-judgemental space for that to happen. Every month - here in Luton - that’s what we do. And it helps smaller church groups, who would otherwise struggle, to be part of the programme we offer. Let’s pray this month for all young people, but perhaps especially for those growing up in the church, looking for space to talk through their faith with adults prepared to listen.


1st (Sun)

Chris & Alice are starting work with two new Launchpad cohorts - St Albans Diocese & the Diocese of London - this month. Pray for Chris & Alice as they lead these sessions.

2nd (Mon)

Pray for the young people who attend the Bute Mills Youth Group, for those in school years 7 & 8, (taking place on Mondays after school), especially for the new Year 7s who have just started attending.

3rd (Tue)

Please pray for our relationships with the amazing Satellites funders - as we report back to them today.

4th (Wed)

Please pray for more youth workers, church leaders & volunteers to sign up to the NYMW over the next few weeks.

5th (Thu)

Pray for Chris & the team, seeking to recruit a new Centre for Research Director. The interviews are taking place on 12th October, please pray that we would find the right person

6th (Fri)

October’s Luton Unite event is happening tonight at Stopsley Baptist Church. Young people from Youthscape & local churches are joining together to have fun, & learn about faith together.

7th (Sat)

Pray for the Youthscape Local team: Gemma, Robert, David, Emily, Beki, & Matt - for all the work they are doing with young people this term.

8th (Sun)

Pray for more people to join the Alumina team, so we can build a stronger team to match the demand for help. Pray that we reach the right people, so we can build an experienced & confident team!

9th (Mon)

The Youthscape Essentials course meets on Monday evenings. Pray that the participants would grow in confidence, & that their faith would deepen as they take part in this course.

10th (Tue)

Rachel, Martin & David are together today recording a new series of the Youthscape podcast - please pray that this would go smoothly, & that youth workers will find the episodes informative.

11th (Wed)

The second meeting of Youthscape Essentials Local is happening this evening, supporting local youth leaders through relationship & inspirational teaching.

12th (Thu)

Pray for Drop In, taking place each Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, (3.30pm - 6pm), for those in years 9 - 13.

13th (Fri)

Birmingham, Chester, & Exeter Diocese are hosting Launchpad briefing events with their Bishop’s in October. Pray for those we have trained as facilitators - as they visit clergy in their parishes.

14th (Sat)

Praise God for the amazing testimonies we’re hearing from Satellites - of young people meeting Jesus, & of some being baptised in their local churches.

15th (Sun)

Sadly, many young people experience racism. Pray they would know the support of people around them, & that these issues wouldn’t be forgotten, but be addressed positively in their communities.

16th (Mon)

Pray for the variety of different people who hire our rooms for work, who represent local charities, businesses & other christian organisations, as the money raised helps finance our work.

17th (Tue)

Pray for Emily, Beki & Matt, as they lead the Compass residential today & tomorrow. Pray for wisdom & patience for the team, & for safety for all involved.

18th (Wed)

Pray that the Compass residential will be a really positive experience for the young people involved. And pray that being part of Compass would make a tangible difference to their lives.

19th (Thu)

There’s a lot of concern for the mental health of young people in the UK. Pray that they would be able to access the help they need, something many of them are currently finding difficult.

20th (Fri)

Please pray for Luton Unite One, taking place tonight at Bute Mills. Pray for the young people exploring discipleship & faith together.

21st (Sat)

For the Youthscape team, pray for our emotional & physical wellbeing. For strength & wisdom, energy & inspiration, as we seek to serve young people, youth workers & professionals.

22nd (Sun)

Please pray for the team, as they prepare for & finalise the programme for the National Youth Ministry Weekend, (taking place from 18th - 20th November).

23rd (Mon)

This week is half term. Pray for young people for whom home life is challenging, & for young carers who are looking after family members & may well have extra responsibilities during the holidays.

24th (Tue)

School can be a very daunting & difficult place for some young people. Please pray for those who are; struggling to make friends, who are lonely, & for those experiencing bullying.

25th (Wed)

Pray for Fearless starting after half-term. That it will run smoothly, & that the programme will have a big impact on the lives of the young people involved, so they can be more confident as a result.

26th (Thu)

Gemma (Madle) & Chris are at an event at the House of Lords today. The Boys Brigade are launching the research report, 'Insights into Youth Culture & Trends', that Youthscape have produced for them.

27th (Fri)

Last Year we took Luton Unite to four Luton churches. We loved seeing the Luton Unite family in local churches & we’re doing it again this year with four different churches.

28th (Sat)

Please pray that more people would join our volunteer team, & thank God for our amazing volunteers and the contribution they make to all areas of our work.

29th (Sun)

Please pray for local church leaders & youth workers as they support their congregations, young people & those in their communities.

30th (Mon)

Alice is visiting a number of prospective Dioceses who are considering partnership with Launchpad in 2024. Pray that these would be fruitful & positive conversations.

31st (Tue)

Pray for Gemma (Madle) - writing an edition of The Story, (linked to AI), for NYMW. Sifting through lots of research & commentaries to identify what’s most relevant to Christian Youth Workers!

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