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On September 28th Join PAIS and Youthscape as we set aside a day to pray for schools and the young people in them.


Over the past year we have recognized the huge strain that lockdowns, extended periods of isolation, social distancing, societal disruption, losses and bereavements of various kinds have had on children, young people, families and schools. We know that God has not finished with our schools and with the students and staff who work in them and we know that we have a part to play in that as well.

We long for a day where every student is supported and every school is served by local Christians, that in classrooms up and down the country, God’s kingdom would come. We long for a day where every person in the school building would know the good news of freedom, restoration and hope. That young people would know freedom from stress, pressure, prejudice and injustice. That there would be restoration from the lies in which they were sold, that as we come from the despair of the pandemic, that there would be a hope that doesn’t fade.

That’s why as PAIS and as Youthscape, we’re gathering together on Tuesday 28th September, to mark this as something that matters. We would love for you to join in with us as well, to set aside a day at the start of the year to pray for our schools.

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Many ways to pray

We know this will look different for everyone based on your context and the work that you do, but we’ll be banging the drum for schools throughout the day and celebrating and exploring different traditions and styles of prayer so that there will be something that you’ll want to join in with.

We’ll start in the morning with an online prayer meeting, a chance for us to start the day together praying for our nation before going out into our contexts. We’ll then encourage you to go out and prayer walk your local schools throughout the day. We’ll be posting stories, prayers and resources for you to use throughout the day on social media. In the evening, we’ll close the day by gathering in physical locations to pray together for our local areas.

We want to everyone to be involved, so we have left it quite flexible. While Youthscape and PAIS are going to be hosting our own local evening prayer gatherings, we would love for you to host your own meetings where you are.

There’s going to be lots more info to come, so check it out here or on the PAIS website, and get that date in the diary!

I want to pray!

To get more information and to sign up for some resources you can use to make your gathering, fill out the form below:

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