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Summer event

Satellites is a brand-new, five-day summer event for young people, designed to inspire teenagers to live with God at the centre of their lives for the other 360 days of the year.

Over nine main sessions at Satellites, we’ll focus on what it means to place God at the centre of our lives by teaching seven key values which we believe are vital to the God-centred life: prayer, worship, family, the power of the Holy Spirit, justice, evangelism and creativity. Through workshops, talks and experiences, we’ll demonstrate why these ideas can transform and revolutionise our lives, and we’ll show young people how to take them home.

There will be a jam-packed kids programme for the children of youth leaders and team members to attend, providing up to six hours of kids work each day! The children will be exploring at the same values that everyone else will be looking at in the main meetings, as well as having a heap of fun as they get to know other children their age.

We’ll also have opportunities for youth leaders to receive input, support and prayer throughout the week - making sure that there’s something for all of us at Satellites.

You may have seen that we’re postponing our first event – tickets for Satellites 2022 will be on sale soon!

A day at Satellites

Our early mornings will be packed with activities that build a healthy life – spiritually, physically and socially, with loads of opportunities to learn (with others) things like how to establish quiet times with God, seeing a morning run as an act of worship or engaging creatively in prayer.

Mid-morning we’ll be gathering for our first main meeting of the day – an opportunity to worship with others, hear from top quality speakers, pray together and unpack what it means to put God at the centre of our lives.

Afternoons at Satellites are where we put into practice the idea of putting God at the centre of every aspect of our lives. We’ll have interactive venues ready to welcome you including Canvas, our creative venue with workshops, art, media and creative talks throughout the day. We’ll also make room for a prayer space, heaps of cafés, many teaching and discussion sessions, a sports programme and so much more!

As evening arrives, we’ll head back to the main venue for our second meeting of the day and more fun, worshipping, learning and praying together.

Head out into the night and experience one of our late-night creative sessions, an after-hours café hangout or a worship gathering before turning in for the night, ready to do it all again tomorrow.