At Satellites, we’re committed to bringing people together, doing everything we can to promote a culture of inclusion and accessibility for everyone at our event.

We want Satellites to be accessible for all young people - here are just a few of the things we're putting in place to make sure that it is:

  • An access guide
    We’ll send out an access guide prior to the start of the event detailing everything you need to know about the event from arrival information, site maps (with accessible facilities clearly marked), a BSL interpretation schedule and more. Large print versions of our event programme can be made available, and braille or large print versions of songs can also be provided.
  • On-site support
    We’ll have a dedicated team who will be available throughout the day and evening to ensure you have everything you need, and to help give advice, support and assistance where possible. Our volunteer team will also have training before the event to make sure they can assist when needed.
  • A quiet space to take time out of main sessions
    We know that gathering in a big, dark venue with lots of other people may become overwhelming at times for some people, so we’ll make sure that there are quieter spaces around the site for those who need to take some time out. We’d also recommend bringing ear defenders to wear if noise stimulation is tricky or triggering.
  • BSL interpreters, hearing loop and reserved seating areas
    All main sessions will be have a fully-qualified BSL interpreter providing interpretation, with other venues and sessions interpreted on request – we’ll be able to provide more details nearer the event. We’ll also have a hearing loop installed in The Arena (our main venue) and will mark the exact locations clearly in the access guide. We’ll have space reserved in The Arena for easy wheelchair access or seating with a clear view for those with visual impairments.
  • Accessible site layout and wheelchair-accessible bathroom facilities
    The showground that Satellites is hosted on has level ground throughout and a concrete path around the whole site – though the campsite and some venues are situated on grass. Please let us know if you need help with access on the softer ground or require wheelchair-accessible bathroom facilities on the additional needs form and our team can look at allocating your youth group camping space in the most appropriate area.
  • Charging points
    If you’re bringing an electric mobility scooter or wheelchair, please let us know in advance on the additional needs form and we can work with you to make suitable arrangements for charging these devices
  • Medication storage
    Our first aid team will have a secure fridge where you can safely store any medication that needs to stay cool – though we’d encourage you to use your own facilities on your campsite where possible so that you can be closer to your medication. Please get in touch with us to chat through the options available.

Additional needs support form

In order to ensure individual needs are met, we’re asking parents/guardians or youth leaders to fill in an additional needs support form. This form should be competed after you have booked onto the event and will give more space to let us know about any additional requirements so that we can work with you in advance to ensure that Satellites is accessible for every member of your group.

> Please complete the additional needs support form here.

We’ll keep updating this page as we continue to work hard to make this event as inclusive and accessible to all. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us on