Caring for our world

One of the seven values of Satellites is justice – seeking Jesus’ redemptive Kingdom on Earth, to see injustice opposed, ultimately defeated and to see the world transformed.

This is both a spiritual and physical battle, and both a personal and systemic battle. It’s something that exists on a big scale and a small scale.

The world is in the midst of a climate crisis – a crisis that has injustice at its core. Whilst we all share in the negative effects of climate change, these effects aren’t equally shared. As the planet suffers, the poor, the marginalised and the oppressed disproportionately suffer. This makes the climate crisis a justice issue. So what are we doing about it?

At Satellites, we want to walk our talk. We have a five-year plan to be an environmentally sustainable event. In year one, we are taking steps towards achieving that goal – some steps that we’ll be taking as an organisation and a few that we’ll be asking you to be responsible for.

Satellites will:

  • Talk about it!
    It feels like a really simple point, but it’s probably the most important one. You can’t try and solve a problem until you realise there is a problem, so we’ll be asking experts in the field to join us at Satellites to make us aware of the scale of the problem but also give us helpful ideas of how we can be a part of the solution.

  • Get as much as we can from as close as we can
    One of the biggest contributors to an event’s carbon footprint is the sheer number of miles involved in driving equipment, people and goods from all around the country to the event site. That’s why we will start from the middle and work outwards. If we can source it from Peterborough and the directly surrounding area, we will – whether that’s chairs or chocolate, microphones or masking tape.

  • Offset
    As much as we will try to find things as close as we can, we realise that some trips will be inevitable. We will have speakers who may travel some distance to join us at Satellites and some specialist equipment may need to come from further afield. With that in mind, we are committing to offset the carbon footprint involved in every trip made in delivering the programme at Satellites. This means for every journey we make, however big or small, whether it’s an HGV or a flight or five-minute trip to the shops, we will pay to neutralise the CO2 impact of those trips. All the money will go to projects from all around the world that are looking to address the climate crisis.

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
    Events create a lot of waste and if not dealt with properly, this could all end up going to landfill, so how do we start tackling that?
    • REDUCE
      We look at everything we produce and create onsite – every coffee cup, every tray from a food van or flyer from an exhibitor – and think “how could we do less of that?” or even better, “how do we stop doing that?”. Every year at Satellites we’ll do an activity audit of our event and make sure we’re only printing what we absolutely need to print, buying what we absolutely need to buy and using what we absolutely need to use.
    • REUSE
      One of the values of Satellites is creativity, so how could we unleash creativity into our efforts to reduce the event’s environmental impact by reusing what we have? One way we’re doing that is by partnering with Camplight, our rent-a-tent partner. Camplight only hire out tents that have been salvaged from other events. They take them back to their warehouse, clean them, repair them and send them back out to places like Satellites as your temporary home for the week!
      When we create waste, we need to make sure that it goes to the right place to be processed and recycled. We’re investing money into making sure this process is as comprehensive as possible onsite. We’ll be letting you know exactly what can go in what bin and making sure all waste is sorted through before it goes off to the recycling plant. We will only send to landfill what we absolutely have to – this includes having bins specifically for food waste to ensure food that can be taken for composting doesn’t find its way into landfill.

We’d love you to:

  • Think about joining us in offsetting the impact of your travel to Satellites
    Closer to the event, we’ll be in touch with group leaders to ask whether, for a few quid, you’d like to make your travel to Satellites carbon neutral and join us putting money towards projects looking to address the climate crisis.

  • Consider what you bring
    There is always stuff left over at the end of events and whilst we really see the benefit in planning for all eventualities, is there something you often bring to events that you never use and end up binning? If so, why not leave it behind this time?

  • Make the most of the space
    f you’re coming to Satellites by coach or minibus or car, are there any spaces you could offer to someone else in your youth group? Or if you’ve got a few spare seats, could you share travel to Satellites with another church?

  • Bring a reusable water bottle and travel mug
    We’ll have stand taps across the site and taps in every café for fresh, clean water and every time you get a hot drink in a cafe in your travel mug, you get it cheaper for helping us reduce the number of paper cups we buy.

And finally,

We’d love you to get in touch with us to help us get this right. We’ll try as hard as we can to make sure Satellites is as environmentally friendly as we possibly can, but we will need your help to join in, give us ideas and let us know when we could be doing better.