Pray for us

With a vision to help young people put God at the centre of their lives, it’s pretty important to us that we’re continuing to prioritise and focus on him as a team.

One thing we are absolutely committed to is praying – for God to be present in and work through everything we do, and for the young people and leaders who we’re seeking to serve.

We believe that the Bible is clear: God hears and responds to our prayers. We would love you to consider joining us in praying for Satellites, and for young people over the coming months. We’re going to update this page fairly regularly, with a simple list of things for which we’d value prayer. If you would consider supporting us in this way, we’d hugely appreciate it.

Latest prayer requests

Please pray for our team - particularly as they work hard to create a fun and dynamic programme for the first ever summer event.

Please pray for Orbit - our daily devotional for young people - that it would reach more young people and that it would be a helpful resource for them as they create a rhythm of engaging with God and his word each day.

Please pray that lots of people will feel inspired to volunteer to be part of the team which makes Satellites happen - we literally can’t do it without them!

Please pray for continued provision - that God would keep on resourcing this event and vision as we build for the future.

And finally, our prayer is always that God will remain at the very centre of our plans and our work. This will always be about him, not us. We appreciate your prayers for us - that we would persist in the single-mindedness of this vision.

Thanks so much for praying – it’s probably the most valuable way in which you could support us.