Our Satellites values

Long before we'd figured out anything else about Satellites, we were crystal clear about one thing: our vision. We want to see young people living with God at the centre of their lives.

Everything else is secondary to that. We live in a world where Christianity is often seen as a lifestyle choice for young people; another social option to sit alongside sports practice and a regular squad battle in Call of Duty; another element of our compartmentalised lives. But that isn’t all that God is interested in. He doesn’t exist to revolve around us, to serve our needs when we ask him. It’s designed to be the other way around. We were always meant to be in his orbit. Like satellites.

But how do we plan to help young people put God at the centre of their lives?

By teaching seven key values across the event, which help them to see what it looks like to follow Jesus all year round.

Three of the values are focussed on us (how we meet with God alone and together and become changed as a result), three are outward-facing (helping us to see the role that God calls us to in building and extending his Kingdom on earth). The final one is kind of a big deal – as we prioritise the presence and power of God himself.

These seven values will run through everything we do – they constitute a holistic, practical model for following Jesus. You can read a bit more about each one below or in this blog post. Plus they’re also discussed in much more detail in Martin Saunders' book We Are Satellites which you can get a copy of here.

1. Prayer

The most fundamental key to developing life-long faith is developing a personal relationship with God himself. We want to offer young people incredible opportunities to connect with God in ways, and to depths, that they never imagined and enable them to build prayer into their everyday life for the long term.

Read Martin's blog post on prayer here.

2. Worship

We believe that God is worth our devotion – not just through the songs that we sing but in the way that we live our lives, individually and corporately. We will call young people to a better way of living, through which they are able to find their identity in the God who loves them so much.

Read Martin's blog post on worship here.

3. Family

We will extend the incredible invitation to become a part of God’s magnificent, global, history-spanning family. We will celebrate the breadth and the diversity of the church, and we will not seek to ignore its flaws and failings. We are calling young people to a movement, and the movement is not called Satellites; it’s the church of Jesus Christ.

Read Martin's blog post on family here.

4. Power

Transformation is only truly possible through the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit. As we seek to become more like Jesus, and take our place in rebuilding the world, we depend on that power to coarse through our veins. For that reason, it is vital that we invite young people to receive God’s Spirit and experience him first-hand. Even more than that, we want to unleash them to minister to their friends and churches back home.

Read Martin's blog post on the power of the Holy Spirit here.

5. Justice

We believe passionately that Jesus died not just to save us from our personal sins, but to ultimately defeat the unjust systems and structures of sin which riddle our broken world. As his followers, we take our place in the physical and spiritual battle against the evils of injustice: it’s one of the key ways in which we see the world transformed and the Kingdom extended.

Read Martin's blog post on justice here.

6. Evangelism

Good news is worth sharing. Incredible news – like the fact that there really is a God who loves us and invites us into his eternal family – can’t remain a secret. More than that though, we believe that Jesus commands his followers to share him with everyone they can, so we will prioritise training young people to naturally invite their friends to join the family too.

Read Martin's blog post on evangelism here.

7. Creativity

We believe that every young person is made in the image of the creator God, who has made them with a unique set of gifts, talents and passions. We want to help young people to see how their creativity can be employed in the renewing and repainting of the world, as the God who is “making all things new” invites them to participate in his re-creation.

Read Martin's blog post on creativity here.

We will do a lot of other things that are not in this list. We will, for example, hold the Bible in high regard and use it to teach all seven of these values. We will prioritise the mental and emotional well-being of young people – at our event and all year round. And we will always do everything we can to ensure that the safety of every young person is paramount.

With these seven values however, we hope to offer you an insight into what’s important to us - and perhaps a first taste of the flavour of our event. If you share our passion for seeing God at the centre of young lives, and you find a sense of connection in these values, then maybe Satellites is for you.

We Are Satellites

Martin has written a book called We Are Satellites that goes into more detail on each of the Satellites values - you can buy a copy from the Youthscape store here.

We're also running an offer where if you buy six copies of We Are Satellites, we'll give you a seventh copy for free PLUS we'll send you the link to download the We Are Satellites Study Guide - consisting of seven sessions designed to help you work through the book as a youth group. You can find this offer on the Youthscape store here.