Part of the Youthscape family

Satellites is part of Youthscape – a national youth work charity that's been serving young people and their leaders for more that 25 years.

Youthscape works directly with young people in and around their HQ in Luton, Bedfordshire, and with churches and youth leaders right across the UK and beyond. They already run a highly-successful event for youth leaders each year – The National Youth Ministry Weekend - and continue to create high-quality resources for use with young people.

We were asked to create an event for young people by Mike Pilavachi, founder of Soul Survivor, when they felt that their 27 years of running summer festivals was coming to an end. Mike asked this on the basis of Youthscape's reputation for serving teenagers and their leaders – of which he had first-hand experience.

This means that Satellites and Youthscape will remain as two sides of the same coin. Many of the team working on Satellites are also involved in projects at Youthscape, and vice-versa. The experience, skills, passion and faith of the Youthscape team are enormous assets to Satellites – and our ability to together connect the needs of young people and those who serve them in a faith context create a unique opportunity to impact lives.

To find out more about Youthscape and the projects that they run, please visit