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The National Youth Ministry Weekend 2023

Join a thousand others in Birmingham this November for the National Youth Ministry Weekend 2023

Engaging for volunteers, stretching for experienced practitioners.

For everyone concerned about young people: volunteers, paid workers & church leaders.

Inspiring worship and bible teaching, ideas and FREE resources.

2023 Theme

Into God knows what

The rapid and intense rise of Artificial Intelligence has brought what we imagined to be the distant future into sudden focus. We are suddenly in a world where computers could legitimately begin to replace humans in ways we never imagined possible. At the same time, deepfake technology and other cloning techniques are adding a sinister edge to what appears to be an exciting leap forward.

Meanwhile, young people are growing up in a world which feels increasingly insecure, with looming existential threat from every angle. The climate crisis shows no sign of abating; international wars are closer and more threatening than ever before;

natural disasters still cause devastation and institutions seem to be failing - politicians, bankers, police... and perhaps even the church. The future seems to be a scary place.

So what does the Christian faith have to say into this context of fear and uncertainty? How can the gospel bring hope and security into the lives of young people who feel very little of either - and to whom Jesus is now a completely alien concept? And can these leaps in technology, which threaten to bring as much harm as good to our world, be used to further the expansion of God’s Kingdom at the most unlikely time?

What we're tackling

(In 9 bite-sized chunks)

Show me what to expect

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What's happening & when

Fri 24 Nov

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From 4pm

SEMINARS + DISCUSSIONS – Choose from 12 options


MAIN SESSION 1 – Worship, celebration, inspiration


AFTER HOURS – Relax, have fun, meet new people

Sat 25 Nov

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MAIN SESSION 2 – Worship, celebration, inspiration


INTERACTIVE KEYNOTE - Learn, share, debate and discuss

From 2pm

SEMINARS + WORKSHOPS - Choose from 12 options


MAIN SESSION 3 - Worship, celebration, inspiration


AFTER HOURS - Relax, have fun, meet new people

Sun 26 Nov

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SEMINARS + WORKSHOPS - Choose from 8 options


MAIN SESSION 4 - Worship, celebration, inspiration

There’s More…

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Youth work in rural areas • Schools work and chaplaincy • Working in the community and on the streets • A church leader’s role in youth ministry • Starting from scratch or very few – how to grow • Which are the best youth resources available in the UK today?

Next steps


Got a team of volunteers? Plan to come together. Or sign up for our meet and greet reception if you want to get to know others when you arrive.


Book tickets whilst the discount is valid.


Arrange accommodation with friends, AirBNB or one of the many cheap hotels within walking distance.


Subscribe to the Youthscape podcast to get thinking about our theme and how to get the most from the programme.

Meet the speakers

Location & Venue

The Eastside Rooms is a fantastic venue for NYMW 2023: close to Birmingham City Centre and with plenty of choices of budget hotels and Airbnb's nearby. There's also easy access to national and international travel links

Eastside Rooms
Woodcock Street
B7 4BL

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