We are offering a chance for young people aged 14-19 who are passionate about sharing their faith on YouTube to join us for an opportunity of a lifetime! Learn from professional filmmakers and improve your creativity, film and editing skills. We want to build a community of Christians on YouTube who are using their gifts and skills to share their faith, whether you are just starting out or you’ve been making content for a while. Will you be one of the young people who join us? Have a read of the information below, to find out how to apply.

SHARE 2020 details coming soon... watch this space!

We have created a FREE session plan to run with youth groups about what it looks like to share your faith in a digital world. How might the disciples have spoken about Jesus if he had lived, died and been raised to life today? How can we inspire this generation to use their life and their stories to share their faith with billions of people across the world. The session plan is easy to run and free to download here


Every day we will have 2 masterclasses run by James Chapman, an international Filmmaker and other incredible creators. The classes will cover a wide range of themes from finding your purpose as a filmmaker and the art of storytelling, to technique and post-production. The classes have been designed to cover the essentials of filmmaking; whether you have only just picked up your camera or you’ve been filming for years. 

This is your chance to get practical! Each day you’ll have a big chunk of time to put into practice what you’ve learnt. We want you to come away from this film school with videos you’re proud of. The workshops will take you through the process of creating a video from beginning to end, and you’ll have the opportunity in these times to collaborate with others, or go it alone.

As Christians we want everything we do to be an outworking of our love of God, and an expression of our worship. Therefore we will start each day with time together to worship God and refocus. We want to grow our faith and remind ourselves of the message we have to share.

Travel Information
Car: There is free parking available for the duration of the event in the Youthscape Car Park. If you are being dropped off/picked up, please use the Bute Street Shoppers Car Park opposite the Youthscape building.
Train: Youthscape is a 2 minute walk from ‘Luton Train Station’. 
Coach: Youthscape is a 2 minute walk from “Luton, Station Interchange” Coach Station. 
Aeroplane: Youthscape is a 10 minute car/taxi journey away from ‘London Luton Airport’.

Accommodation information 
Accommodation & food will be provided throughout the duration of Youthscape’s Film School. A kit list will be provided well in advance to let you know what bedding and toiletries you will need to bring.

How to apply 
Hopefully by this point you're almost packing your bags in anticipation! If you would like to be one of the twenty people who join us, fill in our application form. You will also need to submit a 45 second video about why you think its important to share your faith on YouTube, but don't worry… we will explain a little more about this short video with the application form. Send your videos to lahna.pottle@youthscape.co.uk, or email us with any questions, if you would like any more information, or if you would like some help with your application form or video.


1) I don’t own a DSLR or video camera, can I still come?
Yes thats no problem at all, lots of people on YouTube just use their phones to shoot their videos. 

2) I watch a lot of YouTube, but have never posted anything before, can I still come?
Yes of course, whether you have been uploading to YouTube for years, or are just starting out, the masterclasses and workshops will be inclusive regardless of your level or experience. However, you might find it helpful to have a go creating and editing some videos before the Film School begins, so that you have some previous experience to build upon when you arrive. 

3) Why is the cost only £40?
The cost of hosting Youthscape’s Film School is actually a lot higher, but we have been financially sponsored by GEM Trust who have subsidised the cost for each space. (Thank you GEM Trust!)

4) Why are you only focusing on YouTube, not all social media platforms? 
This is a great question, and we believe that it is important to share our faith across all the areas of our lives, including our social media platforms. However, with 81% of teens in UK watching YouTube and more teens now watching YouTube than cable television, we believe that young christians have an amazing opportunity to using this space for good and want to focus primarily on this platform.

5) Who will be leading Youthscape’s Film School?
All Youthscape Film School staff are fully DBS checked and have attended all relevant safeguarding training. The team will include fully qualified youth workers, film-makers and a first-aider, and those who will be cooking for us during the duration of the film school have all received food hygiene certificates.