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A Parent's Guide to Self-harm

"Tackling a topic that can be very emotive and difficult, this book gives the message that it is OK to talk about self-harm and we need to do everything that we can to support parents and families with young people who self-harm."

5-star review Premier Youth and Children's Work Magazine

A Parent's Guide to Selfharm

Simply written and with clear recommendations and contributions from leading experts, parents and young people themselves, this booklet will inform, equip and empower any parent or carer.


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A Parent's Guide to Self-harm



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Self-harm is one of the most difficult things for a parent to understand and respond to. To find out that a child you would do anything to protect from harm is actually harming themselves is devastating. The intensity of the emotions they are feeling, and the sense of being out of control adds to this. It can be hard not to panic.

This guide will help parents to make sense of the many emotions they are feeling as they try to understand what is going on, to process the emotions their child is feeling and to help them to start thinking about recovery.

Suitable for: Parents and carers, Youth workers.

A Parent's Guide to Self-harm



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