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"Reading Cherished is like having a good natter with a very fun and very wise best friend: someone who tells it like it is, cheers you on, points you towards God and has a good giggle along the way."

Ali Martin Soul Survivor

"I thought the book was really good, helping me to think about the things I do, and also to know that every girl goes through these things and I am not alone."

Esther 18


A fun, frank and faith-filled book for teenage girls written with insight and compassion by youth worker Rachel Gardner.


Rachel Gardner






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In this gutsy and intimate book, Rachel Gardner tackles head-on the issues facing teenage girls: self-image, the pull of the in-crowd, puberty, boys, sex, regrets and godly ambition. Credible and shot through with biblical wisdom, parents and youth workers can give this book to girls with confidence.

To her readers, Rachel writes:

"I have written this book because I want to let you in on a bit of a secret; you are precious and your life is a gift to you. It's a secret because few of us know it and fewer actually believe it. I hope you will feel inspired to explore your abilities and dreams be encouraged to protect your heart and still keep it open to God and others appreciate your life and the mysteries in the world around you. May these words of wisdom help you know that you are lovely, lovable, unique, full of potential and, above all, cherished. Rachel x"

Cherished is a great gift for a teenage girl or a useful resource for youth workers to use in a one-to-one or small group setting. The book includes activities at the end of each chapter, which explore concepts and invite readers to apply it to their own lives. It introduces the topic of boys and sex in an accessible way, giving the reader an opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings and views in a safe way, and encouraging the reader to share their conclusions with an older woman.

Suitable for: 11-14 year old girls




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