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Friends Are Heroes Kit

"Great video that young people need too see so they can support their friends."

Mike Kelly Youth Worker

"Amazing and informative video."

Spot the Signs Youth organisation

Friends Are Heroes Kit

Three resources to help young people think about how to respond positively and appropriately to peers who are self-harming. Created for National Self-Harm Awareness Day 2018.


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Friends Are Heroes Kit



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The alarming rise in self-harm among teenagers means that many young people will know someone who is struggling with this issue. In fact, friends may be the first to find out before a teacher or parent becomes involved. How do they react and help appropriately? What do they say - or avoid saying? And how can you make sure they don't feel under pressure to do too much or feel responsible for someone else's actions?

The 'Friends Are Heroes' kit was developed for National Self-Harm Awareness day as a free download for professionals, youth workers and others working with young people. A leader's guide lays out a plan for a session or lesson accompanied by a video and other materials. The content would work well in a classroom, small group or youth group setting.

You can find more free resources and advice about self-harm at selfharm.co.uk.

What's in the box?

  • A downloadable leader's guide
  • A set of downloadable posters

Friends Are Heroes Kit



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