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Taking inspiration from the persecuted church across the world, Hidden Word reminds young people of how precious and valuable Scripture is and creatively gets them re-engaging with it. Across the world where Bibles are illegal, outlawed or censored, Christians have learnt how to memorise large bits of scripture, to live day-to-day with the Bible in their head.

Hidden Word is an innovative new resource that takes you on a six-week programme that will help you and your youth/small group to learn Scripture. Each week we suggest some specific verses of Scripture to memorise that have been inspired by someone who knows the cost of following Jesus. And, each week there is a challenge to undertake to prove that you have memorised the passage(s).

Each pack comes in a resealable, buriable bag and includes a leaders guide with a session outline and epic group challenges, and a Hidden Word New Testament and Psalms. It also comes with a special note pad, sticky notes and highlighter pen to help with engaging with Scripture, and lots of other tools for memorising passages.

Open Doors Youth has a whole host of brilliant downloadable resources to accompany Hidden Word so head over to https://opendoorsyouth.org/hiddenword/ to check those out.

Buying for a group or several individuals? Each copy of Hidden Word is just £11 (reduced from £12.99) when you purchase five or more in one order.

Hidden Word

A 6 week programme inspired by the persecuted church that helps young people discover a deep passion for scripture.


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"This product is very clever… with the tattoos, the wristbands, the challenges, the ability to be able to bury the pack and use it as a youth group challenge to go and find it is such a good idea. This course has really got young people memorising scripture. It got them moving, thinking and praying for the persecuted church."

Ross Lusby Youth Worker, Canterbury

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