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"Sometimes I want to pray but I just can't find the words."

Sound familiar? We hear that a lot from young people so we've been thinking about ways we can help. These prayer magnets contain over 200 words that can be rearranged into millions of combinations. The words are written in a font and style similar to the hashtags and mentions you'd find in an instagram story.

We've used words from prayers written by teenagers to make sure they're familiar to others who might want to use them too.

At just £4, these would make an excellent take-home gift at the end of a youth weekend away, or as a single unit to explore together in a youth room.

Prayer Magnets

Prayer magnets created using words from prayers written by young people.


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Youthscape Prayer Magnets



"We bought the prayer magnets to be part of a prayer space that we run every year in a school we work in. We are always looking at creative ways of engaging young people in prayer and loved the idea of having something hands on that the young people could use to pray. I thought the prayer magnets worked really well, particularly for the more introverted young people."

Matt Lewis Senior Schools Worker

"We made prayers using the prayer magnets tonight. Thanks so much Youthscape for creating such an awesome resource!"

Annabel Stott Crossways Youth

Dscf9264 Magnets

Over 200 words on individual magnets to rearrange, order and compile into prayers.

Suitable for: 11-19 year olds

What's in the box?

An A5 sheet of magnetic words, taken from prayers written by young people.

Youthscape Prayer Magnets



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