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How has it been for you? Seriously, how has it been for you?

Who could have imagined at the beginning of 2020 that by the summer there would be no youth festivals or camps to go to, young people would have spent most of the year out of school and a large percentage of the Church’s youth ministry would have moved online? Who could have predicted the rupturing of our normality or the presence of restrictions placed on our lives that would have such a significant, and in places devastating, impact on our work among young people?

There’s no doubt that this has been an extraordinary season to be involved in youth ministry.

Now What? is a downloadable book that takes you through ten theologically reflective exercises designed to help you process what's been happening and help you plan for the future in a tumult of uncertainty. It draws on a similar model and ethos to The Gameplan, the 12-month contemplative diary planner for youth leaders that we launched last year.

We want Now What? to help you lament, reflect, connect with God, and connect with young people, as you prepare for what's ahead.

Now What?

A digital book of ten theological reflective exercises for youth leaders to help you define your youth ministry vision in a COVID-19 world.


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now what?



"At times of devastation, chaos and mess it’s hard to hold fast to the idea that there is any kind of plan or anyone in charge. Yet God is not helpless among the ruins. He is not playing catch up or scrabbling around trying to formulate a plan. God is the architect, surveying the landscape and planning what comes next.

He has every intention of building something strong out of this season, and he wants to do it with you. So take this moment to pause with God as you go on a journey of reflection."

Rachel Gardner In 'Now What?'

now what?



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