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A better story for life in a pandemic.

Headstrong are delighted to announce the launch of Operation Isolation – their second FREE downloadable session resource for youth workers!

As we head resolutely into Autumn 2020, in the midst of the ongoing Covid pandemic, with England hitting a second national lockdown, strict measures and lockdowns in Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and the chance of periods of isolation at almost any point, it’s hard not to feel like life is on hold.

We can feel limited. Closed down. Like we’re just filling time, or fighting despair. Waiting for things to get back to normal, to be fully free again. And the only context any of us have where freedom and choices are suddenly taken away like this would be either being sent to prison, or being trapped – situations and stories which trigger a flood of negative emotions like fear, anxiety, frustration – even panic.

Is there a better way to manage the isolation and restrictions of pandemic life? A better story to help us frame and understand what we’re going through? Can this time even be about more than just tough stuff? Is it possible that not all is lost along with our freedom?

This 60-90 min session gives you all you need to create a space for your young people to discuss the things they are facing right now, to connect with and understand their own feelings – and to be better equipped to manage this season well, whatever it throws at them.

This ready-to-use meeting is designed to be run online or in person - whatever works best for your group. To accompany the session, we’ve designed enamel badges with the ’never alone’ verse featured. You might want to give one of these to each of your young people as part of this session. You could arrange to drop it off with them before the group meets, post them out, or use it as part of a one to one walk or park meet with them afterwards if you’re meeting up with them during lockdown. Click here to buy badges in packs of 10.

Operation Isolation

A ready-to-use youth group session around managing lockdown and the restrictions of pandemic life.


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Ready to use session



Ready to use session



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