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A brand-new youth event is coming summer 2021

Tickets are now on sale for the first ever Satellites and we don’t want you or your young people to miss it. But we’re aware that it can be hard in the present circumstances to communicate news about the future to your group, and to plan ahead.

To give you a hand, we’ve designed four smart new postcards which will help you to invite your young people to “Join us at Satellites”. The cards contain all the vital information they’ll need to save the dates (and ask their parents to do so too!), and there’s plenty of space on the back for you to add an encouraging note to remind each young person that you’re thinking of them, and that you’d love them to be a part of this.

In the current circumstances, many youth leaders have found writing a physical note to the young people in their group to be a hugely helpful way of staying in touch. These cards are one small way of maintaining your connections – especially with young people who might have become more distanced this year.

You can order as many cards as you like from 10 to 100, using the link below. We’ll send them to you completely free of charge – we only ask that you don’t order more than you need.

We really hope this is a helpful resource as you look to plan to join us at Satellites next year. If you think of any other ways that we can practically assist you in this, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line:

Satellites postcards


We’ve created a free physical resource to help you get the word out about our brand-new summer youth event: Satellites 2021.



10 postcards



10 postcards



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