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SchoolsworkUK Playing Cards (Secondary & Student Double Pack)

What's in the bundle

SchoolsworkUK Playing Cards (Secondary & Student Double Pack)

Secondary school age, and student age playing cards designed with a different discussion starter on each card, guaranteed to get conversations going among young people.


Playing Cards

SchoolsworkUK Playing Cards (Secondary & Student Double Pack)



More Detail

Each of the 52 cards in these pack have a different question designed to stimulate discussion and thought, all in the context of a game. The questions are arranged in four different categories:

  • Diamond: A question about you
  • Spade: A question about others
  • Heart: A question about the world
  • Club: A question about beliefs

Both sets are aimed at two different age groups; secondary and 16+ with the focus and wording of the questions modified to suit the intended audience.

As a standard set of cards, these are great for playing all the usual games you might play with young people, as well as building card houses and even learning the odd trick or two. Start a game with your young people and let the discussion flow as the questions catch their attention.

We've used them in small groups, in one-to-one mentoring, as ice breakers and even as a way of passing the time on long minibus trips. Since their launch, the playing cards have become a firm favourite amongst schools workers, chaplains, teachers, youth workers and more and more than 8,000 packs have been sold.

Suitable for: Schools workers, Youth Workers

What's in the box?

1 pack of Secondary Age Playing Cards

1 pack of Student (16+) Age Playing Cards

SchoolsworkUK Playing Cards (Secondary & Student Double Pack)



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