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Self-harm - The Path to Recovery

"This book gives an insight in a simplified manner for the self harmer and all those around you who struggle to understand the complex issue of self harm and is the best read yet. I struggle to explain the reasons why I feel the way I do and to project this to others in a way they understand but also understanding I self harm and this book answers and validates all of those thoughts and answers those questions. Brilliant book."

Jane Oxford

Self-harm - The Path to Recovery

An in-depth, practical look at self-harm and how you can help sufferers recover.


Dr Kate Middleton & Sara Garvie



Self-harm - The Path to Recovery



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Rates of self-harm are increasing among young people, as a way of coping with overwhelming emotions and pressure. As many as a fifth (22%) of teenage girls self-harm, whilst rates in boys are 9%. There has been a 68% rise in teenage hospital admissions because of self-harm in the past decade alone.

For young people harming, it can be hard to think about how to stop. For parents and professionals, it can be daunting trying to help.

This accessible and practical book demystifies a subject many people find hard to understand, assessing its causes and showing the way to recovery. Suitable for the carer and harmer alike, this book offers an encouraging companion along the path to getting well.

Suitable for: Parents, young people and youth workers

Self-harm - The Path to Recovery



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