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"Stir is an amazing resource for those who don’t know God yet, but are asking those important questions, of the Whys? What if’s? Where? How? It uses brilliant video clips that really helps with discussions around those big questions. Its a great resource for those conversations to then flow into something deeper and for young people to start asking further questions."

Vicki Miller Youth worker, Luton

"We loved using The Stir Pack for our youth group in the local high school. It has been a great resource for encouraging some meaningful conversations and questions in our young people."

Hayley Edinburgh

"We have been using The Stir Pack with a lunchtime group in our local secondary school. We were looking for a pre evangelism resource to use with a lunch club that we run who are happy to talk about God, but we were looking for something to take it the next step. We wanted to get them to see that they are spiritual too which is why the Stir Pack was perfect!"

Michele Warwickshire

Stir Pack

A simple, innovative course to help teenagers explore their spirituality.



Stir Pack



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Most young people today are simply not interested in God. The Stir Pack attempts to provide a new starting point. It answers the “So What?” question first by stirring up the spiritual thoughts and feelings that already lie within young people, then points them toward God. Produced by Bicester-based Reign Ministries, it uses discussion, video clips and other illustrations to 'stir up' the many spiritual thoughts and feelings which already exist within young people.

The Stir Pack can be used for meeting up with one person in a coffee shop or as curriculum for a small group of young people. There are 6 initial lessons. If young people stay interested, there are up to 2 terms worth of lessons to use. We have tried to keep it simple so you can grab one card and put it in your pocket, ready to go with little prep.

The resource is printed across six high-quality cards, each containing a session guide and links to external resources.

Suitable for: 14-19 year olds

What's in the box?

6 postcards, each containing a session plan and a QR code to link to external resources.

Stir Pack



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