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The Beautiful Disciplines

"The Beautiful Disciplines is an essential book for anyone in youth ministry, and could be the basis for work on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development programmes in schools."

Jon White Youth & Vocations Enabler, Church of England Lichfield Diocese

"Inclusive, warm, fun and full of passion. Yet the contents are dynamite. Putting the truths and principles of this book into practice will revolutionise your life."

Mike Pilavachi Senior Pastor, Soul Survivor Watford

"A practical, accessible curriculum that trusts young people's capacity to encounter God. Martin understand the creative power of the ancient disciplines to open the lives of young people to the beauty and freedom of Christian life."

Mark Yaconelli Writer, spiritual director, author of 'Contemplative Youth Ministry'

The Beautiful Disciplines

‘Spiritual Disciplines’ might sound stern and demanding – but what if they’re the key to building deep faith for the long-haul?


Martin Saunders



The Beautiful Disciplines



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Packed with practical activities, engaging stories, and relevant explanation, this photocopiable resource will be a powerful tool to help young people develop a deep-rooted and lasting faith. Many young people arguably practise a dangerously brittle faith. They need to be led deeper, to a faith rooted not in the personalities of their leaders or the hype of big events, but in a disciplined direct relationship with God.

This book provides practical tools to help youth leaders to teach their teenagers to pray, study the Bible, live more simply, and discover the value in other ancient disciplines such as fasting, solitude, study, worship and celebration. There are 10 short chapters, each suitable for one session. Each begins with background information for the leader, then provides a study section with practical exercises. Each concludes with questions suitable for discussion in small groups.

Comes with permission to photocopy any of the content for use with young people.

Suitable for: 14-19 year olds

The Beautiful Disciplines



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