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The Story

"Love The Story arriving on my desk & a source of up to date helpful research to base future youth work plans on!"

Christina Baillie Youth Officer

"I love getting the The Story in the post. In a few short pages it gives a fantastic overview of the latest research in youth work with some great insights to help you reflect on your own ministry and work."

Steven Mitchell Children and Youth Development Officer

"Christian youth work has an incredible history. We’ve just not told it. And it’s bursting with possibilities. We just don’t realise it. The Story is an invaluable resource, charting youth work inside and outside of the church, and giving us the research to make great decisions on which route to take going forwards."

Andy du Feu Director of Youth and Community Work, Moorlands College

The Story

Published four times a year, The Story is a handy digest of UK and international research relevant to work with young people.



The Story



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The Story is our research digest for all those supporting young people, within the church and beyond. Four times a year we publish the latest stats, trends and evidence to help you understand the issues affecting teenagers, and how best to respond. Once you’ve read all the articles, The Story opens out into a poster capturing ‘Everything you need to know about…’ and covering a different theme each time. Social media, sexting, family life, anxiety, self-harm, gaming…it’s all there. Stick it on your office wall and share the knowledge.

For just £10 you get a 12 month subscription: the next four copies of The Story (including the latest issue) mailed to your door. The printed copies are the only way to get hold of the poster packed with stats, information on a specific theme - the poster is not available to view online.

Suitable for: Youth workers

The Story



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