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Third Space Schools Ministry

"We're very excited about Youthscape's Third Space concept because it brings about the potential for meaningful, lasting conversations and reflections that fall outside of our traditional schools work mould and spill into the corridors and inhabit the previously uncharted spaces of education."

Alex Ewing Schools Worker, Salisbury

"This approach demonstrates exactly the sort of creativity we hope for from visitors to our school. We have been delighted with the ideas and activities Youthscape have brought into our school over the years and have seen pupils respond incredibly positively to their involvement."

John Burridge Head Teacher, Lealands High School, Luton

"So much of school life happens in the gaps between the official lessons. Youthscape's concept of Third Space can energise and inspire Christian visitors to schools to work in these gaps with young people looking for deeper spiritual responses to life's big questions. It's a great idea with a great future!"

Lat Blaylock Editor, RE Today

Third Space Schools Ministry

Five ready-to-use ideas for creative detached work in schools, with printable downloads to get you started.


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Third Space Schools Ministry


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We have a vision for Christian schools work that is about a much broader, deeper and more inclusive picture.

If you're working in schools and you're looking for something that goes beyond the RE lesson, assemblies, clubs and mentoring, this book is for you.

Third Space Schools Ministry introduces a new concept for engaging with teenagers in schools, using creative spaces around school to set up installations and experiences that bring the big questions of life into young people's every day social space.

The Third Space Schools Ministry book contains five complete instructions for setting up and running these resources in a school. The five resources include:

  • Preparation information
  • The theory behind the resource
  • Set up instructions
  • Plans for running the resource as well as for supporting lessons and assemblies
  • Reflection questions to help you evaluate the experience afterwards
  • Downloadable material to use during the activity.

The resources explore themes of spirituality and reflection, forgiveness, faith and belief, remembrance and sacrifice. Some of them are designed around specific times in the calendar (Remembrance Day and Advent) while others can be used year-round.

All of the resources in the book have been developed by the Youthscape team in schools in Luton and have been trialled and refined here, becoming firm favourites in the annual school calendars.

When you order the book online you will be able to access the downloadable resources on your store account. The book also contains a web URL where you can access the downloadable resources any time.

Suitable for: 11-19 year olds

Third Space Schools Ministry


Less than 10 remaining

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