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The pandemic has turned the lives of millions of children and young people upside down. Many are finding it hard to cope with isolation, a loss of routine, anxiety about the future, a disruption to their education, and in some cases difficult or traumatic experiences at home. Every young person will need additional mental health support as a consequence. Even the most resilient may need extra support as they navigate the transition back into whatever is the new normal.

Working with mental health professionals and experienced youth workers, Youthscape has developed a new suite of resources for secondary schools ready for Autumn 2020. Thrive is a comprehensive ready-to-use programme designed for classroom work in lessons or tutor times.

The curriculum explore three themes to enable students to learn:

  • about stress as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • about different emotions experienced by many during the pandemic.
  • healthy ways to promote mental wellbeing in the coming year.

Each theme is introduced with a film about a young person and their experiences as a result of the pandemic, followed by a video teaching session from Dr Kate Middleton, a leading psychologist and author with extensive experience of supporting young people's mental health. A selection of 10 worksheets are then available for students to explore the themes themselves, allowing you to choose the most relevant or useful worksheets depending on student's keystage or other factors.

The material has been designed with social distancing and other restrictions in mind, so all the worksheets can be completed either by the student individually, or with one other student sitting at the same desk. The material is highly flexible, meaning it could be delivered in a single 60 minutes, lessons, over a series of shorter lessons, or in tutor times.

In addition, Thrive includes a second programme focused on Year 7 students transitioning to a new school and the anxiety and stress they may feel. Further material and worksheets are included that create a safe and positive context for students to talk about any anxieties or fears, and learn how to manage their emotions.

Finally, the Thrive programme also includes a 15 minute training video from Dr Kate Middleton giving school staff an overview of some of the mental wellbeing challenges arising from the pandemic and providing helpful insights for anyone working with young people at such a challenging time.

  • Four short films with teaching from Dr Kate Middleton and stories of Bedfordshire students
  • Ten creative activities suitable for self-guided or classroom work
  • Ready to be delivered by teaching staff with printable activity sheets
  • Flexible for use in a single or series of lessons, tutor times or other format
  • Additional material to support Year 7 students facing anxiety about the transition to a new school
  • Additional 15 minute training video from Dr Kate Middleton for school staff

Thrive is offered to schools through a licence which allows you to use and reproduce the material for all students. Each school must purchase their own licence.

Non-profits and charities who are interested in using and delivering Thrive should contact us for more information about special rates.

Contact us to request an invoice instead of payment online.


A ground-breaking new curriculum resource to support young people's mental wellbeing through the coronavirus pandemic.


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"Even the most resilient children are going to need additional support as they navigate this transition back into whatever is the new normal. Take as a starting point that every child is going to need something extra and many will need a lot extra."

Bruce Adamson Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland

"This resource is one of the most comprehensive and well-researched responses to COVID-19 published in the UK to date. Youthscape's experience in working with adolescents and insights from health professionals come together to give schools exactly what they need to support students in the months ahead. An essential for every school."

Head Teacher Bedfordshire

"The stories of young people, beautifully filmed and told, are profound and moving. They will speak powerfully to students in a way that adults cannot."

Head of Pastoral Care Buckinghamshire

"Thank you for the resources - they are really good. The video introduction from Dr Kate Middleton is the best, most grounded (and interesting) wellbeing videos I've seen... with lots of practical advice and tips."

Mr MG Simpson Headteacher, Holywell School

“So i watched the videos and they are AMAZING! I love that stories from the young people were filmed in their own setting, it made it look more real and familiar. It's nice that their stories were personal to them and their different experiences over lockdown. I loved that the dr at the end of each video would give simple but effective advice that wasn't overcomplicated. It kind of brought each video to a nice close. Her analogies were also great.also whoever filmed and edited that, hats off to them because the camerawork and the editing skills were top notch!”

Student, 16 Luton

Thrive 007

Let's delve inside

Zainab's story

Meet Zainab, a Year 11 student coping with the anxiety and stress of lockdown. Missed exams, fears about a vulnerable family member, and the pressures of being stuck at home - Zainab describes the different emotions she's felt and how anxiety and stress play out in her life. Like so many other teenagers, she has to find new ways to cope.

Ashleigh's story

Meet Ashleigh. With her father in a coma with COVID-19, Ashleigh faces the prospect of losing him for ever at a moment where she can't meet the friends she relies on for support. Ashleigh describes the rollercoaster of emotions she has to deal with over the months of her father's illness, and what's helped her to face the future with new confidence.

Louise's story

Meet Louise. The challenge of keeping mentally healthy through the pandemic has been tough - but Louise has found new ways to keep herself in a positive state of mind. Helping organise a Black Lives Matter demonstration alongside music and an online drama group, she has learnt what keeps her positive in the most difficult of times.

Dr Kate Middleton

The video content in Thrive features advice and input from Dr Kate Middleton, a leading psychologist and author with extensive experience of supporting people through difficult experiences and emotions. Kate addresses students questions and experiences in an accessible and interesting way, helping them apply the material to their own lives.

Take a look

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Take a look at a sample of the 45-page facilitators guide which includes the 10 reproducible activity sheets, with instructions for use, and detailed guidance on how to use the programme in lessons or tutor times.

Suitable for: Keystage 3 and 4

What's in the box?

  • A 45-page facilitators guide containing 10 reproducible worksheets and detailed instructions for classroom and small group use
  • Three 8 minute films featuring the stories of young people and teaching and input from Dr Kate Middleton
  • An additional introductory video to explain the programme to students
  • A 15 minute presentation by Dr Kate Middleton for school staff explaining the mental wellbeing challenges facing young people
  • An additional resource with worksheets for Year 7 students transitioning to a new school




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