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Together Apart

"It went really well last night, games worked a treat and centred the session around the video which also went down well too. Thanks for the session!"

Joshua Amott Youth Worker

Together Apart

"Together Apart" is a short series of curriculum resources enabling you to explore life and faith with young people, and is designed specifically for use in the context of an online youth work session.



Together Apart



More Detail

Quarantine is unchartered territory for youth workers. While it is an anxious time, as we strive to keep up contact with our socially distant young people, it is also an opportunity for a completely new approach to youth ministry.

It is the current forefront of innovative youth work – rethinking how we previously engaged teens and what that looks like now in a digital context. However, innovation takes time and while we explore new possibilities for online youth work, it’s important to continue to support our young people as they try to find their feet in this new normal.

These session plans are a suggestion of how you might run a traditional youth group in an online format. Technology is not failproof – if what you’ve planned doesn’t work, that’s ok. It’s about connection rather than content. This is not revolutionary youth work, rather a basic tool to help you continue to care for your young people, to keep sharing Jesus with them, and to bring them together to have fellowship with one another.

Suitable for: Youth workers, Church leaders

What's in the box?

A downloadable PDF of six session plans for young people, along with copious notes on everything that a youth leader might need to consider when running the sessions online.

Together Apart



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