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Diving into discipleship

Together Apart 2: God at the Centre is the second series of a resource first released during lockdown earlier in 2020 – you can find series one here. This edition is even bigger than the first with 90 minutes of content for you to delve into all about seven key values that we believe are at the heart of everyday discipleship. They’re also the values that make up the foundation of the Satellites youth event coming in summer 2022. We recognise that many people are still in a place of finding their feet post-lockdown, so these session plans are a suggestion of how you might run a traditional youth group in an online or socially distant format.

This is not revolutionary youth work, rather a basic tool to help you continue to care for your young people, to keep sharing Jesus with them and to bring them together to have fellowship with one another. Purchasing this free resource will enable you to access all of the seven sessions as we release them weekly. Once you've made the purchase, just visit this page or the downloads section of your Store account to find the session PDFs.

Session One

The first session is all about worship; how worship is whole life devotion with God at the centre. The activities and discussions push young people to reconsider what they think when they hear the word worship and challenges them to examine what their top priority in life is and actually how different their lives could look if God had that top spot. This session includes a video interview as part of the discussion, and you can watch that video here.

Session Two

This session is all about prayer; how we speak to and hear from God. The activities and discussions remind young people that prayer is being able to sit and talk to God and spend time with Him. It’s the act of being in His presence and understanding more of who He is and how He loves us. You can watch the accompanying video for this session here.

Session Three

The third session is all about family; what it means to be part of a family and what that looks like in regards to the Church. The activities and discussions encourage young people to reflect on what makes people family and how we can be intentional in deepening relationships with those in our wider families – in our churches, local communities, etc. You can watch the video for the session here.

Session Four

The fourth session is all about power – more specifically the power of the Holy Spirit. The activities and discussions explore how when someone becomes a Christian they receive the Holy Spirit and the Spirit is at work within them giving them access to the power of God. You can watch the session video here.

Session Five

The fifth session is all about justice and what it looks like to fight for it today. The activities and discussions look at organisations and people fighting against unjust situations around the world and encourage young people to think through what they can do to help make a difference. You can watch the video here.

Session Six

The sixth session is all about evangelism – how Jesus calls us to tell others about Him and share our faith with those around us. The video and discussions tell the stories of real life evangelists and the activities give the young people practical ideas for sharing their own faith.

Session Seven

The seventh and final session is all about creativity – not just creativity in an artistic sense, but rather creativity as a core component of who we are as image-bearers of God. The activities and discussions challenge young people to seek out creativity and new ways of thinking about and doing things – whether in their walk with God, how they serve others or any other aspect of life! You can watch the video here.

Together Apart 2: God at the Centre

A new series of seven free session plans to help youth leaders engage and explore discipleship with young people in this new normal.


Downloads, Video & Media, Workbook

Together Apart 2: God at the Centre



Suitable for: Youth workers, church leaders

What's in the box?

A new downloadable session plan every week for seven weeks.

Together Apart 2: God at the Centre



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